Exploitation and  manipulation?

I have nothing against women who use their sexuality to get higher in corporate ladder or  to steal another woman's man.
After all  it's their body and regardless of  our body sizes , we are allowed to be proud of it.

For the past few weeks saw  a lot bickering in between person A and a girl B  whom A doesn't know personally   but yet hate so much because B apparently , is flirting with A's  on and off boyfriend  (the status  says:IT"S complicated)
I was asking A of why she hate the girl she hardly know so much, not like her "onoff "(let's just call her boyfriend this )entertained any of B's  facebook  playful sexual invitation anyway!

She said to me "because she got big  bosom  and she flaunt it well in every pictures on facebook,  and during party session together with her "onoff" she was literally in a very sexy bathing suit.

from daily mail

I have learnt  few lessons from this conversation

1)Not all big bosomed girls are bad and manipulative.They are many  well  endowed women that are sweet and nice out there. :)

2)if you have a stupid boyfriend ,he would  do just anyone small or big chested
 or small and big brain

3)we,women can sometimes get insecure , but I don't blame this feeling .How many times in our lives we had been told that we are not what an ideal woman should be?How many times in a day our minds are corrupted with  the pictures of "5  foot 9 " clean porcelain skinned  women in medias.It's normal to be feeling less than "perfect" when they are so many image showing us  what  the world define as "perfect"  

BUT , next time please remind yourself that you ARE perfect.

4)If we lose stupid man in our lives... it's ok, let him sleep with  her chest as pillow Just imagine 10 years  down the road...
Love is suppose to make you feel better  NOT make you feel bad.

5)if you are big  busted girl  and love to flaunt it , expose it  and take pictures of  it  to be posted on facebook while thinking  you can manipulate either work place or your place  among your male social circle.Enjoy  the attention and the  11 likes , this is sincere  from me : don't expect to be respected because  when you treat yourself as a sex object , then...you are one.

6)Work result speaks, feminine  and sexual  manipulation  never works that far, I had seen in history-short skirt or not.WORK results speaks.

7)WE WOMEN  always always have  little here and there that we are unhappy about with our bodies.

No matter what industry  you hailed from, I am wishing all the women a fair game,  a paid off hard  work and may we all have that balance in between work , rest and play  :)

As for A my friend,I wish that she can see that the boy she is seeing now even from afar  cares for her,when she is sick, when she needs a back rub  or when she had a hard day just to call her and told her she is beautiful   :) .
I hope this relationship they have won't be tarnished by presence of  a women  big bosomed or not... an attention seeker who had failed to ruin a beautiful relationship but above all ,shown off her own insecurity.