Go back about three years ago and very few people could tell you who Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, or Brantley Gilbert were.  Now they’re headlining arenas and being nominated as Best Male Vocalist at the CMA’s.   It’s early in the game but keep an eye out for new artist, Jameson Rodgers who just dropped his first EP last year.    Like Hunt who grew up in Georgia and first pursued a football scholarship, Jameson was a baseball player in Mississippi with dreams of becoming a pro.   His passion didn’t lead him to the Major Leagues but when life hands you lemons you make a change.  He pursued his other passion, music, and by 2010 moved to Nashville to see if he could make a career out of it.  His band developed a local following and was signed by Combustion/Atlas Music in 2014.


His debut EP is only four tracks long but you can see a lot of potential here.   The big single and title track “Midnight Daydream” is a sexy hit with seductive lyrics that beautifully sync up with the song’s arrangement.   Other tracks on the EP like “That’s Why The River Runs” and “Rehab” have a sound similar to Dierks Bentley and Sam Hunt.   You never know where the next superstar of Country Music is hiding but Jameson has a lot of potential to join their ranks.