"Now, my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive
 to the prayers offered in this place. 
2 Chronicles 6:40

This entry today has evolved over the week and I believe I understand what God was revealing to me several afternoons ago, allow me to share please.

This morning while listening to Pandora Radio, turning the volume up and becoming attentive to the lyrics of Hear My Cry by Fred Hammond, an aha moment was again being birthed.

Hear My Cry
[Verse 1:]
Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
From the ends of the earth floor
Hear my cry unto thee

When my enemies encamped about me
They stumbled and fell
Within in my heart
I will cry out 
To the Lord for help

Hear my cry

Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
Rescue me Lord Jesus
And take away my every fear

(Heavenly Father,Heavenly Father, 
I lift my hands to you)

[Verse 2:]
In darkest hours
Of affliction
My faith will not be moved

When the storms rage 
And the winds blow
Beneath your wings 
I will hide
In the shadow
Of the Almighty 
My soul will surely abide

Hear my cry

Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
Rescue me Lord Jesus
And take away my every fear

Hear my cry Oh Lord
Give ear unto my earnest prayer
Strengthen me 
King Jesus
Holy Spirit draw me near

[Ad Libs]
Rescue me Lord
Uphold me
Vindicate me
Rescue me and strengthen me Lord
Holy,Holy,Holy Spirit 
Don't leave me
Renew me
Remember me 
Reassemble me Lord
My heart is in my hands
And I give it you
Help me Lord [x3]
I cry for our children Lord
I cry for our families Lord
And our nations 
And our cities
And our leaders
On their behalf
We cry unto
Hear my cry
Oh Lord
Down on our knees
Begging you please [x2]
Rescue us
Lord Jesus, take away our every fear
Our Pastors Lord [x2]
We pray for our shepards right now
We're down on our knees
Begging you please [x2]
Lord hear our prayer


Mind you that during my lunch walk I felt no way mournful or heavy nor prayerful. I regret the later admission. I believed I was just going about my daily business of having yet another exhilarating lunch walk , glad for the hour reprieve from work, appreciative for the opportunity to stretch and move my limbs. It was very warm outdoors but it felt therapeutic, refreshing and then I distinctly recall a "rush", a feeling  that I was seeing many things more clearly! I attributed the clearing of my blurry computer vision to time, exercise-being outdoors. The curbs, street cracks and sloping sidewalks were taking on a new feel. The walk I normally rush through was more paced and not hurried. 

My daily "safe walking route" with the strollers, moms. business suits, and  shaded trees appeared brand new. These prior ignored details, were brand spanking new discoveries like the worn top of  the trellises with cascading flowers, the beauty found in the uneven leaning scrubs and tree branches, the weather beaten light fixtures swinging over the worn porch entrances, the unnoticed attic windows with the ornate carvings, the scurrying brown birds, a dumpster with the crocked lid, the humming and boisterous motors of passing traffic or the bold tangerine colored lilies snuggling with the overgrown weeds-this all seemed to serve a greater purpose. Surely all of those things hadn't just cropped up!

And then the wellspring of thanksgiving and then admitted shame erupted, I began to reflect that just possibly God intends for me/us to see with new eyes every day. To see with a spirit of expectancy, not trepidation and misgivings. My heart knew better! As of late I have been only focusing for far too long and more recently been paying attention to the obvious, the mundane, the routine assignments. Yes, it must be the morning workday dance, the walks, the strolls? I must stop with the blame switching and realize that beyond all of that, those daily exercises are always missed opportunities to commune and listen to God under His natural canopy. And then there were Fred Hammond's timely lyrics this morning, they were resounding truths echoing a need for me to earnestly pray! I think back to this morning and realize that during this music in my hearing, surely what must have been occurring were the words- quickening in my spirit, careening down and flooding my spirit! Yep, God wanted me to do something new:

Hear my cry Oh Lord
Attend unto my earnest prayers
Rescue me Lord Jesus
And take away my every fear

(Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, 
I lift my hands to you)

So I contend that the culmination of my cathartic experiences were gentle nudging's from God. This was I believe, His creative way of lovingly demonstrating that I am here and you've been too consumed with your many concerns and desires and the remedy, the answer you seek is found in me! Pay attention it's crucial! An awakening is in order for you Linda! 

My friend, hope you to contend that an awakening is in order for you (fill in your name) !

Let's agree that our spirits are in sync and are saying, "Give ear dear Lord!"

So as I delve into the dimensions of what exactly a spiritual awakening means for me, I encourage you to ask God for help and what this also means for you. Go ahead and surrender your will and trust in God, delve into Holy Scripture and rely not on your own understanding but in all your getting, obtain a deeper understanding of who God is in your life, take him along as your "walking" partner. 

Be assured that super natural love will transform ordinary into extraordinary!

The revelation is not so startling for some but for me it really is a spiritual shaking!  I suspect God is eager to shake up your world and vision also! You ask what can that possibly look like? My answer is it's a reality of the unimaginable-the good found in the new things of Him, courage in scaling unforeseen heights/new opportunities and more importantly having revived, reborn hearts of expectancy, new insight(s), exciting joyous ordinary day(s), blowing breezes with extraordinary promises, cloudy skies with a content spirit, awkward moments with full reliance on our loving, faithful Heavenly Father,

Our revival is occurring, God is ever present and I declare He does hear us even in our unaware lives, have a blessed day.

Shared with a Transparent Heart,
Linda Mose Meadows,  Inspirational Author of the devotionals:
The Blessedness of Believing A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises (Tate Publishing)
Destined to Receive, Reflections and Devotionals Celebrating The Love of God (Amazon.com)