Do you ever stumble upon a great travel blog with a bunch of awesome posts virtually guiding you through your dream destinations? Yeah, me too. I always end up hoping I could take these articles with me to my adventures and re-read them while walking around the city.

Wait, yes. I could do that. I could just bookmark the article on my phone's browser and read it offline. But anyone who has even a bit of experience in travelling knows what happens next: you just left your hotel, realise you forgot to bookmark that one post about top 10 best restaurants in Paris, and you're stranded in a middle of an unfamiliar city, without a map, it's probably raining - and like always, you're without a wifi. We all know the pain of running between Starbucks and McDonalds to take that short moment of free wireless connection to update our changing travel plans.

Well guess what folks: now you don't have to. Let us forget those desperate times you tried to sneak old receipts lying on the floor of a cafe to get access to their wifi password. How about you use GPS-guided travel article apps instead?

GPSmyCity app introduces a whole new concept of GPS-guided travel articles on iOS devices. The app contains articles of over 600 cities all over the world, and they all have GPS coordinates embedded to these articles. The app has thousands of posts to choose from. The app is free, and doesn't need wifi or mobile data to work. No roaming, no data plan. No, honestly: good bye receipts lying on the floor. You can basically read these travel articles wherever and whenever you choose: on your 9-hour flight to Tokyo, while lying on the beach, while waiting for your dessert in a restaurant you spotted from that top 10 restaurants post I mentioned earlier - you choose.

After downloading the app from iTunes Store for free, you gain access to all of these thousands of travel posts, and you can read them offline. If you'd like to have the GPS-guided tour embedded to the article and let the machine do the work for you, you can upgrade any article you choose with a small fee of $1.99. Easy, cheap - and definitely a more convenient (and cheaper!) option than buying your fifth black coffee of the day to have yet another wifi-password, right?

I want to let you try this thing. That's why I'm hosting a limited-time GIVEAWAY of one of my most popular travel posts, which you can upgrade to a GPS-guided personal tour guide for free through GPSmyCity travel app. The giveaway is available 10th of Oct - 16th of Oct.

There are two ways to access my GPS-guided posts in the app:

  1. Click on a link below for the article you are interested in (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app, you will see a prompt to do so). After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
  2. You can browse by city in the GPSmyCity app to see all available articles.


(expires 16th Oct)
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My new travel-oriented posts will be available through the app in the future.

P.S. If you decide to upgrade my articles to a GPS-guided tour guide, I receive a few cents. As they say here in Ireland, it'd be grand, love! Tis be helpin' me fund my recreational blogging hobby alright. Thanks a million!
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