Four  Months  Later

Scene One: TACare

[ Jenni walks through
the open door of her
shared office, joining
Jai inside. ]

JAI: Do you think I look
like a professional in
this scene?

[ He unpauses the screen &
Jai is shown sitting in
a chair at TASalon.

 The camera points up to
Lorenzo as he removes Jai's
cover up & he stands. ]

"Thanks Renzo. This style
is sleek."

[ Jenni starts to smile. ]

JENNI: You look fine.  It's a
journey around TA in under a
minute.  Seems to me to be
exactly what they asked for.
JAI: Yeah but I'm no actor.
JENNI: Still can't believe
Landyn got sick at the last
minute but you did.


[ She teases, walking toward
the door. ]

JAI: I'll find out tomorrow.
JENNI: Right so relax. I'm
gonna go do room checks and
see if the girls need any-

[ Jai gets up & starts packing
his bag. ]

"Okay.  See ya when I get back
from class."

[ Picking up his phone from the
desk, he sends a text to an
unsaved number. ]

"I have dinner with the fam at
six. I'll be a couple hours 

[ Jai waits for a response &
gets one immediately. ]

"Bet. You know where to 
find me."

Scene Two: 

[ Inside the activities
room, sitters are busy
overseeing the kids.

Tonya approaches Jenni. ]

"How are things going?"

[ Tonya looks in the
direction of a co-worker
who is leading a game
on the floor. ]

TONYA: Everyone's fine.
No freaks out so far.

JENNI: That's a relief.
TONYA: I'll go start
on some snacks.

[ She walks off & Jenni
goes to find her boss

Up front, TACare. ]

SUNSHINE: Hey. Jai just
left for school.

JENNI: Okay. I got the email
list of things you want
us to focus on for corp-
orate tomorrow.
SUNSHINE: Thanks. Pass it on
to Jai too.  We all know he
forgets to check.

[ Just as Sunshine is about
to return to her office
a stranger's harsh tone
in the entrance catches 
her off guard. ]

"Where the hell is a

Scene Three: MSPrep Hall.

[ Jai arrives. Walking towards
his class he catches up with
Kiilyn. ]

JAI: See told ya I'd make 
it.  And with five minutes 
to spare.

KIILYN: Well bravo.  Your
attendance last year almost
got you kicked out.
JAI: Thankfully you're the
only other person who knows
that still.
I have two weeks to improve
or I lose my half days too.

KIILYN: Damn.  Didn't even
know they could do that.
JAI: Yeah. I'll have to pick
up other classes and no more
As far as my Dad's know I'm
doing great with the balance
and I plan on keeping it that

KIILYN: Good thing it's Friday
then.  You look like you need
to crash.

[ They stop outside the room. ]

JAI: I'll be there in a second.

Hello?  Yeah.  That's perfect.

Scene Four: Back At TACare.

"Now I understand why you went

for the blackout entrance."

[ Sunshine walks toward the desk

while Mark follows behind
laughing at her expression. ]

MARK: I know it's your first

time so I just wanted to make
sure you were clear on the
schedule for tomorrow.

SUNSHINE: Let me guess. They

want to start here.
MARK: Yup.  Around 9.
It should take about an hour
for you to walk them through
everything they'll want to

[ Sunshine looks surprised. ]

MARK: They are very particular

just warning you.  But if every-
thing goes according to plan.
They'll just walk through, say a
few things, smile and bounce.

SUNSHINE: Hopefully. 

MARK: Don't worry about it. I
am disappointed that you and
Jeszyca won't be joining us
for dinner tonight.

[ She looks away. ]

MARK: Is something wrong?

[ Sunshine turns around as

the tears start to trail 
down her face. ]

MARK: Sorry.  I wasn't trying

to bring up anything.
SUNSHINE: It's fine. I mean,
well it's not.

[ She wipes her eyes with

a tissue. ]

I might need to move out.

Scene Five: Audi's Bar/Grill

[ Jai, Trailyn, Ski, Mark, Chais
& Jenni are sitting around the
table. ]

JAI: Whoever is playing footsies
with me, it doesn't feel nice.

[ He looks around the table &
everyone is staring at him
except Mark. ]

JAI: Dad!

SKI: I hope you don't have
your shoes off.

[ Mark looks guilty as he bends
down a little.

Later after ordering, Jai &
Trailyn excuse themselves to
the front lobby area. ]

"What's up?"

JAI: I'm going to hang with
my friend after dinner.

Is it cool if Ski gives
you a ride home?

TRAILYN: I mean. I guess.
What friend?
JAI: You don't know him.
He studies Japanese with
me and he's not getting
the homework.  
TRAILYN: What's his name?
JAI: A'myan. We better
get back to the table.

[ He takes her hand, kisses
her on the lips & they
start to walk back. ]

Scene Six: 

[ While they were gone. ]

"Oh no."

CHAIS: What, did you break
a nail?

JENNI: No.  Care got a bad
review online.
MARK: Really, what does it

JENNI: It's a parent com-
plaining about the snacks
we give.
MARK: Oh that's it.

[ He shakes his head. ]

SKI: Yeah I wouldn't worry
about it. Everyone is well
aware of the food before
they bring the kids in.
CHAIS: No one's gonna care

JENNI: It still doesn't look
MARK: I'll find out about some
alternatives then but everything
has to be approved.

Plus the kids have to want to
eat it.  
JENNI: That's the real problem.

[ Jai & Trailyn return as the
table gets silent. ]

Scene Seven:

[ Jai parks in his friend's
back lot.  Gets out & walks
up to the door.

Knocking a little, he notices
it's open. ]

"Bro! Come on down."

A'MYAN: Sit. I know you've
been waiting on this all 

[ He hands Jai a glass pipe
as he removes a torch lighter
from his pocket. ]

JAI: This is from the same
place right.
A'MYAN: Yup.  This is Tori
and Kayla.

JAI: Hey. How's it going?

[ He quickly smiles but his
focus stays on the piece that
is now tightly in his grasp.

Holding the light underneath,
he waits for the heat to work
its magic.  Soon he is laid back
 inhaling the thick white smoke. ]

P a r t   T w o,  Next Sunday.