Scene One: At Mark & Ski's.
[ Jenni & Billy are sitting across
from each other at the island
while Chais stands. ]

"What do you want babe?"

JENNI: Waffles sound good.

[ Billy is off into space. ]

CHAIS: What about you heathen?

[ He raises his voice. ]

BILLY: Whatever is cool. Who is
passed out on the couch?
JENNI: I didn't even notice.

[ Chais answers without turning
around. ]

CHAIS: It's Uncle Ace.  I guess
it was someone's birthday
last night.  He drank so much
Dad had to carry him from
the car.

[ He turns to see Billy preparing
to get up. ]

CHAIS: Leave him alone or no
food for you.

[ Suddenly Jai walks into the
kitchen. ]

CHAIS: And where have you
JAI: At a friends.  Not that it's
any of your business.  

[ He sits Jenni & Billy's plates
down. ]

CHAIS: I was joking.  Anyway
sit, eat.  You still haven't told
me about this A'myan guy.

JAI: I'm not hungry.

JENNI: Kaori is on her way if
you wanna meet her.

[ She calls but Jai is already
heading for his room. ]

Scene Two :

[ Locking the door behind him,
Jai enters, grabs his laptop &
lays out on his bed.

Minutes fly by as he stays 
still daydreaming & focused
on the music around him. ]

[ Later Jai hears a crash that
seems to be coming from the
hallway. He springs up to check
on it but no one is out there.

Getting a quick idea, he opens
up his window.  Grabbing the
pipe from his backpack. ]

[ After hiding the evidence
& freshening the room.

Jai turns up the music &
begins to dance around
in circles. ]

[ A sudden knock on the
door puts him to a halt. ]

JAI: It's open.

KAORI: Sorry I was using the
restroom and I heard your
music.  I like Russ too.

[ Jai looks around the hall. ]

JAI: What's everyone doing?
KAORI: They're watching a
Your Dads are still sleep.  I
can tell that's what you were
getting at.

JAI: Yeah thanks.  Come in.

[ As she walks in & sits down,
Jai freezes noticing what is
still out on the nightstand. 

Kaori turns around & immed-
itely picks up his torch, gaz-
ing at the bluish flame. ]

Scene Three:

[ In the living room, Jenni
is getting off the phone. ]

"What was that about?"

JENNI: Just Sunshine letting
me know we passed our

CHAIS: Hooray.  Now she can
stop riding you guys' 

[ He is stopped by her phone
ringing again. ]

CHAIS: Grand central station.

[ Jenni motions for him to
be quiet. ]

JENNI: It's Trailyn.

[ Billy wakes up & rolls over. ]

BILLY: Tell her about the movie.

[ Jenni walks into the kitchen. ]

BILLY: Is Ace ever getting up?
CHAIS: Oh he did.  Long enough
to run to the bathroom and

[ Kaori enters the living room. ]

CHAIS: You've been gone awhile.
Must have hit it off with my
KAORI: Yes.  We like a lot of the
same music.  

CHAIS: Interesting.

Scene Four:

[ Jai is sitting on a chair near
his television screen, remote
in hand, & driving around
on the game.

Focused, he talks through
his headset. ]

JAI: Where are you at?  I
can't find you.

A'MYAN: Turn left and go down
a few blocks.  You'll see me by
the white pickup.
JAI: Okay.  I'm on my way.

[ His phone vibrates & he pauses
the game. ]

"See you at the movies.
Love, Trailyn."

JAI: Sorry I'm back.  This house
is so full it's hard to get away
Even in my own room.
A'MYAN: That sucks.  You can
come back over here tonight
if you want to.

JAI: I'm suppose to be going to
a movie with all my friends.
A'MYAN: What do you want
to do?
JAI: I think you know. I'm just
worried about school and
work on Monday.

A'MYAN: You'll be fine. Just
crash all Sunday.

[ Jai goes silent as the game
gets a little more hostile. ]

Scene Five:
[ That night, at the theater. Mairya
Micaa, Little H, Dean, Chais, & Billy
are waiting to go in the movie.

Jenni takes Trailyn off to the side. ]

"Have you heard from Jai?"

TRAILYN: No he isn't texting me
JENNI: He suppose to be bring-
ing my sister.

TRAILYN: I know.  I haven't gotten
a chance to meet her.

[ Mairya comes over. ]

MAIRYA: We're going in.  I'll save
you a seat.

[ Jenni & Trailyn wait while the
group walks on.

Meanwhile, on the road Kaori
is laughing at Jai's off behavior. ]

KAORI: I don't care that you experi-
ment.  I did my fair share of it
when I was your age.
JAI: Well I really don't.  I just like
the feeling I get.  And I only do it
on the weekend.

KAORI: Right. You seem to have
things under control.  How far
until we get to the theater?

[ Jai takes a sudden right and
heads toward a country road
highway. ]

JAI: We're not going to the movie.

I want you to meet my friend.

Scene Six:

[ The next morning, at the Simon's.

Mark walks up to the front door,
opens it & Trailyn is outside. ]

MARK: Hey.  Come in.

TRAILYN: Sorry to come by so
early but Jai never showed
up to the movies last night.

MARK: It's fine.  You know you
can come by anytime.

I'm not sure if he is awake
yet but you can go and see.

[ Mark walks off & Trailyn
starts toward the hallway.

Reaching his door she is sur-
prised that it is unlocked.

Slowly it opens & she sees
Jai passed out on the bed
with Kaori next to him. ]

[ Trailyn immediately goes to
the side of the bed and starts
shaking him. ]

"Jai.  Get up!  What is going

[ He doesn't wake up.  ]

"I can't believe this."

[ She walks out, slamming the
door behind her. ]