Pumpkin soup has become a real winner at potluck parties. There is something so wholesome, creamy, hearty and comforting about it. And perhaps you have a huge pumpkin leftover from hallowe'en, or just from your harvest? Well, here are links to 4 recipes that will satisfy your palate and soothe your soul on those cool nights when you return home from work, or just when you feel like you need a little mothering:

(1)Cheesy Pumpkin Soup mmm... this sounds delightful, sort of like a fondue soup.

(2)Argentinian Harvest Pumpkin Soup in a Shell This is one of the most popular soup recipes on Whirled Soup. It is vegetarian and totally delicious! The addition of dried apricots is just precious!

(3)Easy Pumpkin Soup Not too many ingredients in this easy put-together soup either... and the benefits of eating pumpkin seeds is explained (so don't throw those out if you are into longevity and health).

(4)Sail Along Harvest Pumpkin Soup (or Squash) This is a soup recipe dedicated to my prairie roots... it is tastey and filling. Remember that most yellow squash is pretty much interchangeable for pumpkin in recipes.

And because I know that there are many out there looking for the ultimate RAW VEGAN pumpkin soup recipe, here it is as a BONUS:
(5)Favourite Raw Pumpkin Soup Besides being apple-y savoury and delightful tasting, this yummy living soup is full of digestion-enhancing enzymes and Vitamins A and C to fight any bugs that are circulating. I'm going to try this with a fine-grain squash. And this soup isn't served 'cold' (because that might put some people off) but "heated" in the Vitamix. Enjoy your Great Pumpkin Soup!

soup image courtesy of bluegum