Fire emblem heroes have arrived for mobile devices, giving players the chance to enjoy fire emblem in a more simplified manner without sacrificing all of its depth. But the game is also attracting those who have never played fire emblem before and maybe feeling a tad overwhelmed about what everything does and what you can do. So we’re here to guide you through every aspect of Fire Emblem heroes so you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

The Home Menu

We begin with the home menu which is the first screen you’ll see, here you’ll find a few of the heroes you’ve collected. You can tap on them to read some of their dialogue as well as get a better sense of their personality. On the top right is the present list, this is where you go to receive gifts from Nintendo or redeem the items you collected through your my Nintendo account.

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Across the top you can see your name, the number of orbs you currently have, your current stamina, dueling swords, and total hero feathers.

  • For orbs, it will bring up the menu to purchase more of them with real money.
  • For stamina, it brings up the choice to use a stamina potion and grant 50 more stamina. However, you will regain one stamina every five minutes.
  • For dueling swords, you can use a Dueling crest to restore them.
  • Finally, the cancel button allows you to change your castle in exchange for an orb. New ones become available with each purchase although the first increases the experience your heroes earned by twenty percent.

Alright, let’s move on to the battle menu which brings up the various battle options. First are the special maps. Here you can take on special challenges in order to unlock a hero. Each hero only last for a day with a new one replacing it once time is up.

The arena is where you go to challenge other player’s teams to earn points. Winning grant you these points and you can receive more for beating more difficult opponents. In addition, if you have certain characters in your party, you’ll also earn more points.

Story maps obviously contain the main story of Fire Emblem heroes. As of right now, there are nine chapters with five missions each. Completing each one for the first time will reward you with an orb. If you try to challenge it again, there will be a different reward.

You can also check your rewards, specifically to see how many points you need to earn the most hero feathers. Next is the Training tower where you can train your party outside of the story. There are multiple stratum, and each one contains enemies of a certain level.

Next up is the Allies tab. This is where you’ll manage heroes and edit teams does exactly that. You can swap out which heroes will be in your party of 4. However, you can have 5 different teams ready to go to better prepare for any situation you may face and a single hero can be in multiple parties. You can sort your heroes however you like by tapping the sort button.

Here you can listen to the heroes voice, clips see their voice actor, their artists, a list of the skills they can learn, and their stats. By tapping on the stats, you can see what each one does. Then we have learn skills, which is where the SP your hero earns and battle comes in. By tapping a character and pushing next, you can spend their available SP to have the hero use better weapons.

Tailoring it to the experience you want. Account management is where you can manage your connection to your my Nintendo account or delete your data if you so choose. Movies allow you to watch the opening movie again or the unique movie that plays when you summon a special hero. Once you have the hang of things, Fire Emblem heroes are pretty simple. Now it’s time to get your ideal team ready send them into battle and earn more orbs so you can collect the heroes you really want.