How to Tell If Curtains Will Work for Your Windows

Our guide to decorating windows like a pro with curtains will help you to see if you have the right type of window for this window treatment. If you have trim or another decorative feature, curtains may obstruct or clutter, which could make your space seem like it’s caving in on you. If you like the look of drapes and need them for privacy, then hang them high and wide so that your trim is covered. Hanging them in this way will give height to your room and allow you to enjoy your new-found privacy.

Tension Rods and Lightweight Curtains

Tension rods are a great solution if you want to set up curtains without much hassle but have some restrictions.If you have tension rods, you will need to use lightweight curtains and install them so that they fit your window frame. These types of curtains don’t require brackets either which makes the installation process much faster and simpler.

How to Make Blackout Curtains Look Stunning - Use Sheer Curtains as an Overlay

If you need to block out light, then blackout curtains are your best option. However, these types of curtains need to be brightened up. Consider using a sheer curtain with double curtain rods for a flawless, sophisticated look. Blackout curtains and sheer curtains, we recommend double rods that also allow for mild filtration.

Traverse Curtains for Easy Closing on Sliding Doors

These kinds of curtain rods are perfect for being able to use curtains on sliding doors. Using a track system will enable you to open and close curtains quickly and without any fuss. Traverse curtains also look very streamlined and clean.

Layering Curtains Over Shades, Blinders or Blinds

Creating a layered look might seem intimidating, but with proper guidance relatively easy to do. If you have blinds, blinders or shades over your windows, you can add a curtain rod and use drapes to create a focal point. This type of look really can pull a room together and create a wow factor. Consider layered curtains for rooms where you want to create a strong statement and dazzle. With a proper look, you can draw attention to any focal point you desire in the room.

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