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In any game, one objective of many gamers is to reach the limits of the game. To break it. To see if the world will fold on itself and implode. One popular and hardest to do is to reach the limit in money a character can carry. (And in MMOGs, it will trigger the anti-RMT/anti-farming/anti-bot measures too.)

In Guild Wars 2 a player recently reported that he has reached this currency limit…

Today I reached 200,000g (two hundred thousand gold) and with it the maximum you can store in your wallet.

But I’m not really happy about it, because my target is (was) the million.

And the worst of all is the fact, that there is no hidden Archivement or Title if you reach the end of the wallet 🙁

numerix (not his IGN), has reached 200,000 gold pieces in Guild Wars 2 after playing since beta, with a total of 12,417 hours and 18 minutes. At this point, the game will not let his character carry or receive any additional currency.

I cant recive any more gold. If I go to the TP I only get the stuff I bought, but not the gold. It stay there until I put enought gold into the guild bank. If I have 199,999g and at the TP are 2g waiting for me, I get nothing, until I put one more gold into the bank

The general reaction from the community is for him to buy all the Mystic Coins then show in a video that he deleted all of it. This is a response to how much the game’s economy has been destroyed because of the “technical” way of intervention that ArenaNet did to the game to control (or manipulate) the economy.

However, it will be a waste of hard earned gold because there are characters with banks filled with nothing by Mystic Coins. He will run out of gold and there will still be more than enough Mystic Coins left to keep it at 5g a piece in the Trading Post. ArenaNet will be very glad he wasted his gold if he did that.

But one thing gamers agree on, with that much gold, he can make changes in many ways that may affect a server’s ranking, the economy of the game, and the Gems-Gold exchange rate. Considering that Gems bought with real money can be exchanged for in-game gold and vice versa, ArenaNet will no doubt keep a very close eye onnumerix. He won’t be able to sell it for RMT, he will be slapped with the EULA and ToS in no time.

So… congratulations, achievement unlocked. It may not have been a real in-game achievement but it is something that you will always remember and feel good about and will be remembered by the gaming community-at-large. A simple tip, be careful how you spend it and how you use your newfound power. The gods of Guild Wars 2 are watching you (for a long-time already).

Source: 200,000g! I reached the maximum of Gold you can store by numerix

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Guild Wars 2 Player Hit Inventory Gold Limit
How much can a Guild Wars 2 character carry? A player recently found out after hitting the gold cap.

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