Although we still live in the same neighborhood, this is our first Halloween at the new house.  A friend invited us  over at their place for the Halloween.  We  decided to attend so  our children can  trick or treat with their friends.  
I am not sure  why both of my kiddos did not want a new costume.  They chose to  dress up in the 50s.  While I am glad that we didn't have to buy  new costumes, I am part sad  because that means they are slowly getting away with the Halloween fun.  

 Anyway,  food was served before   the trick or treat time.

 We went  trick or treating with the kiddos and it was a  great time catching up with other parents and  also had a great exercise with our walk and talk.

 These two were the ones I have seen that's really creative.  It looks really uncomfortable but I applaud the creativity.

 We will see if they will be interested next year, I hope so.  I enjoyed the time we spent with them for occasions like this.

These young  boys and girls are certainly growing up fast.  I still can't believe that my daughter is in 6th grade now.  Two more years and she will be in highschool.  Time flies!  I am  very grateful that I get to spend a lot of times with my kids growing up.  I haven't miss any milestone.  I am blessed to be a Mom, a stay-at-home-MoM!