Isn't it funny how much difference a year can make? Last year I wrote about how I dislike Halloween and have no intentions of embracing it and yet this past week I've been actively coming up with Halloween themed play ideas for bub. I know, what the?

While I may have slowly started embracing Halloween in small doses, I still don't agree with the overall concept. I still dislike the idea of trick or treating, I'm still petrified of people dressed up as ghosts, witches, zombies and clowns {especially this year with the crazy clown situation} and I'm still terrified of most things horror related, so it's really still not my cup of tea. But, I'm a realist and the fact is it's gaining popularity every year here in Australia, so bub will be exposed to it more and more as the years go on. So I've decided to introduce it to her in an age appropriate and fun way by incorporating Halloween themed activities into our daily play. These are some of the fun activities we've tried and how you can put them together for your own kids.

Halloween sensory play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers


Halloween sensory tub for toddlers

We're huge fans of sensory tubs here, so it's no surprise that I put together a Halloween one. I found some cheap plastic rats, bats and spiders as well as some chocolate eyeballs and pumpkins to use with some couscous. It would also be great with orange or black dyed rice, beans or spaghetti. I added in some tweezers and handy scoopers for some added fine motor skills while playing.


Halloween spooky jelly
I love using all sorts of food for sensory play and lately we've started experimenting with jelly play a lot more. Bub loves it because she can help to make it as well as play with at the end, and of course its edible so she can eat it too. We put together a really simple spooky jelly with some orange jelly, snake, teeth and mouth lollies. You could probably find more spooky lollies in special Halloween lolly packs, but we just grabbed some normal lollies from the supermarket in our weekly shop, so this is as spooky as it got. Add the lollies when the jelly has cooled, but is still relatively liquid if you want them to fall down into the jelly {we added them too late so they sat on the top, but apparently still tasted just as good}.


Spooky witches potion

For a super quick play activity that will keep the kids entertained for hours, grab a plastic Halloween container {we used an old jack-o-lantern container from last year} and make some witches soup. Simply fill the container with water and various plastic Halloween themed critters, we used bats, rats, spiders, snakes and a few bugs. If you don't have a Halloween themed container you could always use a plastic tub and dye the water orange with a few drops of food colouring. Add extra cups, spoons, tweezers or tongs to extend the play.


Twinkly halloween printable phonics game

For a break from the sensory play and to add in some more educational learning, keep the kids entertained with these cool Halloween phonics printables from Twinkl. We printed and laminated them and then she used pegs to mark the correct letters. You could also use clear glass pebbles or simply circle the letter. For more fun themed activities search Halloween on Twinkl for printable colouring in pages, games, puzzles and paper models.

For even more Halloween themed activities visit my Halloween pinterest board and if you want more everyday play and learning activities for toddlers visit my Instagram feed.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Toni x

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