After my retinol post, I went to see what Caroline Hirons had to say. For those of you who don’t know who Caroline is, she’s an incredibly knowledgeable skincare goddess/expert. I’ve learned SO much from her.  Scroll to the bottom of her post to see the video.

Everyone is talking about the new show The Crown. Has anyone been watching?

These gloves. long, cashmere lined and studded leather detailing. I’ve seen them in person and can’t get them outta my mind.

The other day, my best friend sent me a photo of her wearing the MAC lip color “whirl.” Yes, it’s very Kylie Jenner, but I loved how it looked on her so much that I immediately went to buy it. It’s a nice change from my typical gloss or red lip.

Some mouthwatering Thanksgiving recipes. 

I also caved and jumped on the Gucci slide bandwagon. My excuse: “I need cool/comfy mom shoes.” Seriously, it feels like my foot is swimming in a pool of butter. SO SOFT.

 Have a wonderful weekend!