Thanksgiving has come upon us yet again and I cannot help but reflect over all the Thanksgivings I have shared sentiments of gratitude with you here on UBB. This year the reality of time passing me by and the holidays being upon us is something my subconsciousness wants to push away and because of this I maybe have been less holiday invested + intrigued. But this has also been a time of deep and meaningful gratitude for me, deeper than in many years in the past. So a strange dichotomy comes out of my soul when it comes to the celebration of Thanksgiving this year.  I will be spending it quietly with just my little family with the least amount of distraction and worldly influence as possible, because I, WE need healing in our lives currently. What I am most grateful for is the healing that has occurred and that we understand what healing needs to occur and how to go about doing it. We will eat good food and meander on the most sacred ground of earth we can get to!

I hope for all of you, that your Thursday will authentically be filled up with exactly what you need from it and that you will have enough knowledge in your own truth to know what that is and the courage to ask for it, and go get it!

A big thank you to the staff here at UBB for carrying it through yet another year, for supporting me when I was not well and for continually investing in ideas and believing in the influence it can have. I wish for you specifically a very happy Thanksgiving, Ariel, Lindsey, and Nikkol!