Happy Winter Solstice! 冬至快乐!

Despite a busy work week, I have to make some glutinous rice dumpling balls for the elders in the family. It's so convenient these days to use ready ground rice flour, that saved me some time.

I have prepared black sesame paste and the peanut sesame paste a week in advance for the fillings.

I rolled the dumpling balls a day in advance and freeze them. This morning I boiled a sweet ginger soup and dropped the frozen rice dumpling balls into it.

So happy to see that the filling didn't ooze out after boiling them .... pretty round dumpling ball! haha....


These are rice dumpling balls for the elders, I have to colour the skin of the peanut sesame rice dumplings red (yes, it looks pink in the picture) so that the dish looks auspicious for the elders. It also helps me to differentiate the two fillings.


My little grand nephew wanted Pikachu rice dumpling balls. I didn't have enough time to make them, so I quickly made 4 panda rice dumpling balls.... one for each year of his age. hahaha.... they looked so funny. Glad he enjoyed them and polished off his dessert.

My glutinous rice dumpling balls with an oozing peanut sesame filling


My glutinous rice dumpling ball with black sesame filling oozing out.