Eating healthily is important in pregnancy. But if you have morning sickness, you may find it hard to eat large meals. That's where snacks come in. These snacks will satisfy your hunger and provide you and your growing baby with what you need at every stage of your pregnancy.   Mixed berry smoothie Thick, creamy and sweet, you’ll get the satisfaction of slurping up a milkshake — just without all the calories The calorie breakdown Mixed berries: 70 calories for one cup of frozen mixed berries (Dole Frozen Mixed Berries) Blackberries: 90 calories for one cup (Dole Frozen Blackberries, unsweetened)Skim milk: 90 calories for one cup (Organic Valley Nonfat Milk) Banana and peanut butter A midday banana and peanut butter treat is the perfect pick-me-up. You get in fruit and protein servings in one fell swoop. The calorie breakdown Banana: 105 calories for one medium bananaPeanut butter: 190 calories for two tablespoons Dried fruit and nuts Prepackaged trail mix sounds like an easy on-the-go snack, but be careful you’re not overdoing it on the sodium. Instead, get a lightly salted or totally unsalted mix of dried fruits and nuts — they pack a heart-healthy punch and will keep you feeling fuller and longer than a carb-heavy snack would. The calorie breakdownDried fruits and nuts: 300 calories for ½ cup Apple, almonds and cheese Say hello to the snack-time triple threat. You’ve got something crunchy, something tart and something creamy, plus a dozen nutrients to keep your energy up all afternoon. The calorie breakdown Apple: 116 calories for a medium-sized apple (skin on) Almonds: 104 calories for 15 raw, unsalted almondsCheese: 50 calories for one mini cheese wheel Oatmeal, walnuts and raisins Load up on fiber! It’s great for your digestive system and will keep you full longer than a bag of Cheetos will.   The calorie breakdown Oatmeal: 160 calories for one low-sugar Raisins: 42 calories for one miniature box of seedless raisins Walnuts: 92 ½ calories for 7 halves, unsalted