The year 2016 came and went and its a brand new year again.  And we were filled with questions like; what happened? What did we do? Did we use our time well? So, as we started making plans for this year, we thought to look back and make our memories a bit more tangible in the form of photobooks.  

These are some of our collections starting from 2012, the year that I met Mann. The good thing about making photobooks is they are a bit more reliable than human memories.  We hope to continue this project until our last dying breath.  And maybe add some more like video archive.  We will see.  

I would say that overall, 2016 was a good year again although some things did not really work out like we planned it (e.g. pregnancy).  Maybe because more good things happen and we can only focus and be glad for them like having my parents with us for a time, my sister’s wedding and Rome.  

I turned officially 35, about a month ago also and I got Miss Saigon for a gift.  It was a bit expensive so I told myself that its a”want” and not a “need”, then proceeding to trying to forget about it.  But when I saw a wrapped gift in our room at the mother-in-law’s house, well, I did not know what to do with it.  Maybe because I do not care much for giving any gifts so I do not know what to do with receiving one.  I ended up crying like shit.  

By the way, I love Miss Saigon and was so happy that Mann gave it to me. Big salute to all the Filipino Singers like Eva, Rachelle, Briones and the rest.  

So, 2017. We have made some plans of course and would be busy to work them out. We have the whole year and hope to make it as meaningful again as our previous years. 

Aja, aja Fighting!