It was nice that the landlord arranged the floor dudes to come to my house on a Saturday to install my new flooring in the kitchen. I set my alarm to make sure I didn't oversleep, as to not upset progress. Here's my chance to also paint behind the stove and refrigerator. But first, what will I find back there? My goal is to paint behind the stove and refrigerator so it looks as nice as the floor. But first, the workers need to put everything in my front room. Now that my front room is filled with major kitchen appliances, it's nice to finally evict the nasty dust buddies that have been making this area of my house, their home. But before they can install the floor, I need to wash the walls and paint. But first, I must first go to the store and buy the paint. But first, I have to figure out what color it is I used before. Being a graphic designer at heart, I pull out my handy color swatch samples and quickly held up every shade of green till I could find something close. But first, before I can go buy it, I need to talk the guys into waiting for me to go get it. They agree but first, they must patch the floor. So I'm off to the store and pull in the parking lot, but first I need to explain to the day labors that my job is "muy chico" and I can do the job "solo - gracias." It's been almost an hour since the men arrived, As I carefully inspect color swatches for the closest match, waah laah, "Morning Oasis," yep I am sure that is the name of it. Off to the counter I go to get my paint. But first, I have to take a number to order my selection. Okay, so it couldn't have gotten much busier in the store, while I looked at swatches, and I am now proudly the holder of number 25 - they're on 18.

Once at the counter, I order my paint by name and I'm ready to pay until he says, "Will that be Glossy or Flat? Also, do you need any brushes?"And while I should know the answer to these question, it's just something I wasn't prepared for and as I just washed the walls, for the life of me don't remember seeing my face in their glossy surface. "Can you give me a minute and let me phone home?" But first, I have to find my cell phone and the number. Good someone answered and of course, it's semi gloss which always goes in a kitchen so you CAN wash it. I find my brushes and my drop cloth and back to the counter and I'm ready to pay. While he is ringing me up, I remember I get a discount as an Auto Club member. But first, I must find the card in my wallet before I request my savings. Victory, here it is, but now he must redo my invoice to reflect the discount. Heck, I've waited this long. So I'm anxiously ready to get back to my house for painting, but first, I have to wait for the paint to be created. Well remember those other 8 people in line before me, I'm waiting for them but finally, the paint is ready.

On the ride back to my house, I'm pumping myself up as to how nice it's going to look and how lucky I am the men were willing to cooperate with me and allow me to paint. But first, I must make a stop at the McDonald's and get myself some coffee as my stove is in my living room. But first, I need to call the men waiting at home to see if I can bribe them with an Egg McMuffin for my taking so long. They decline and I am finally home.

The workers have finished patching the floor and are now going to leave alone to paint. I've got about an hour before they return. But first, I have to wait for the floor to change from wet to dry. That gives me a chance to relax for a minute.

Floor is dry and I'm eager to start. But first, I have to find something to get the lid off the paint can. If I can find my screwdriver, I think that will work. But first, Blackie, my cat, is howling savagely to be fed. But first, I have to get to the cabinet where his food is stored. But first, I have to move the equipment the workers left to dry the floor. Problem solved, the cat is happy and I still have about 30 minutes to get paint on walls where stove and refrigerator will be replaced. Should be enough time but first, I need to remember where I put the screw driver down. The paint is open and I'm ready to go. But first, I have to paint next to the trim with the small brush. Opps, but first, I need to clean up the drop of paint I just got on the patched floor. Or do I? With less than 15 minutes to go before the men return, I'm rushing away to get the job finished. Who's going to see behind the appliances anyway? I grab some thick paint on the brush and stroke away. Okay done behind the stove but hey it's a lot brighter and cleaner looking, I think I have time to go all the way to the ceiling while the stove is out. But first, I have to go find a ladder. Grab the ladder and up I climb to paint. But first, I need to wash the walls so it will be a good job. Brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, brush, I'm done. Just as the men are driving up. What have I started now? The entire room will need to be painted in order to match and not see what I've just done.

As I take a breather, the men finish installing the floor. But first, I must get the side of the stove and back clean before they can put it back. The new floor looks great and so does the wall behind the stove. Now all to do is put the appliances back. Everything looks so nice and clean and I thank the workers as they leave. I guess I've got my work cut out for me now. The ladder is once again returned to the kitchen so I can begin washing the rest of the walls. But first, I need to find throw rugs to put on the floor so the ladder feet won't scratch it. I find enough to work but first, I better put a drop cloth over the floor so I don't ruin the rugs with paint. But first, I have to remember that it's sitting in my car still, find my keys and retrieve it. With the floor covered up and and the walls and ceiling washed and painted, it's really coming out nice and really brightens up the room.

Time to put everything back. But first, all the spices have to be cleaned before putting them back in their rack. But first, the stove needs to be cleaned so it stands out nicely against the new walls and floor. Now onto the windows, ugh the window sills are not my favorite part, but first gotta take down the curtains and wash them. Okay dusted the windows out cleaned the sills and hung the new clean curtains. Now time to clean everything on the counter tops. But first, look at the grout on the tiles. Could be cleaner and brighter now to match everything else. Time to clean the grout. Perfect, now time to put things back on counter top. But first, have to wash and shine everything. Wow, that looks so much better but before it's complete, I have to do the wash the rugs now too. But first, it's 3:00 am and I need some rest.

Woke up finish everything and sit back and say, man that looks great. So even though the tiny job of painting behind the appliances before new floor installed, was completely over blown, I am grateful to have two new 100% clean rooms and a roof over my head for that matter. Hmmmm, think the rest of the house needs it now too. Next weekend, the bathroom!