Teenagers seem to be faced with so much more today, then I ever faced as a kid. It’s a tough world out there. Unfortunately, there are teenagers out there who won’t do the right thing. Since they refuse to do the right thing, they will drag other teens down with them. Here is how to help your teenager deal with peer pressure.

Communicate with your teenager

Your life will always go a lot more smoothly whenever you communicate with your teenager. Not only do you want to communicate with them, you want to have an open-door policy for them. It’s much better to have your teen come talk to you than give into peer pressure.

Trust your teen to make the right choice

Every adult on this planet has made a bad choice and a lot of those choices were made as teenagers. AS a parent, you have vowed to never let your teenager make the same mistakes you did. GREAT! Now that you have talked to your teen, trust them to make the right choice. If they will be in a situation where you think there will be peer pressure, trust your teen. I’m sure they will make the right choice. If they don’t? You must be prepared for that too.

Have a plan of action in place!

You can role-play with your teenager. If they are nervous about giving into peer pressure, do some practice skits with them. A plan of action can help your teen not give into peer pressure. If someone offers them alcohol, drugs, or something else—teach them how to get out of the situation and get help. Teenagers shouldn’t be around this stuff anyways, but they will need help formulating a plan of action to avoid it. These days, you never know what issues will pop up or where. It’s best to get a plan of action in place now.


Let’s Discuss:  How do you help your teenager deal with peer pressure?

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