First dates come with both anxiety and excitement. You’re excited to meet a new person. Even if you aren’t sure if the connection will lead to a long-term relationship, you value opportunities to expand your social circle. However, before you leave the house, make sure you are prepared with the following to ensure a successful evening.

Your Personality

On first dates, people often try to act in ways that they normally don’t, which just creates a false impression of their persona. Don’t try to be someone else on the date. Express your true personality because that is the one the person has to accept if he or she wants to pursue a further connection with you. While you don’t need to tell your entire life story, you should also avoid the minimalist approach.

Going on the first date without confidence can lead to failure. A level of nervousness is normal, but that feeling shouldn’t overwhelm the outing. Something led to the date in the first place, so you know the person has interest in you. Keep in mind that if the first date doesn’t work out, it isn’t a negative reflection on you; some people just don’t jive in a romantic manner.

Outfit and Styling
Physical attraction is not the only element of a romantic relationship, but saying that it has no role at all is also untrue. You want to wear an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. When you are pleased with your looks, you are likely to express a greater willingness to show your true personality. Also, a nice outfit shows that you put in the effort to look good for the date and that you care about it.

A Clock
No matter how good you want to look, you don’t want to waste so much time getting ready that you make your date wait. Find out what time your date is picking you up or what time you have to be at the restaurant, and plan to be at least 15 to 20 minutes early. Then, even if you are running a bit late with your original time, you aren’t late for the date.

Safety System
Meeting someone on an an elite dating site is a great way to form a connection, but you also have to remember that you are meeting someone from the internet whom you don’t know. Meet in a public place, and make sure that a few people know where you are going. Ask them to check in with you if they haven’t heard from you after a certain time.

In the event that the date isn’t going well or the person is making you feel uncomfortable, you want to have a way to excuse yourself from the situation. You could ask a friend to call you to ask for help, or if you feel that your physical safety is threatened, you should ask someone to come help you.

If you’re a modern woman, then you may feel that you should at least offer to pay for the date or part of it. Not only should you have cash for that reason, but you may need to take a cab home at the end of the night, or you might want to offer to pay for coffee or a movie if your date took on the bill for dinner.

You may need to add other items to this list depending upon the location of the date and the planned activities. However, these basic checklist items can help you get prepared for a variety of different dates. For more tips and assistance, you can always get on with Mirabela Executive Dating.