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Programming Life: High-Sounding Words

All words can be used for both good and ill. The very same phrases can be intended toward spirit or toward worldliness. This, for that which others speak to you and you say to others. This, for that which you formulate as nearly-wordless within your mind. Do not trade your heart for high-sounding words.

Actions, also, are mere form put on as clothing. Whether the forms appear as physical objects, relationships, or roles, the truth is not the outline. The enemy has a halo as often as not, and some Children of God have horns. The most potent darkness comes bearing high-sounding words, displaying high-seeming actions, and is utterly charismatic.

No, turn to your heart, my friend. Not to the inner voices, born of habit and indoctrination. Not to the guru, with his legions. No offense to the Christian scriptures or Buddhist texts, but the ego-identity within each of us is capable of twisting any communication received – even the written word.

The heart! There is unveiled the truth. It is an altar, and you place on it whatsoever you highly esteem. But do not place anything there! No, knock there instead. Do not place your identity on the altar, or your relationships, or even those you cherish in the world. Do not lay the wrapping of gifts where the liquid love upwells at the ground of consciousness. It is the puncture of the veil. Only the formless must be there if the light is to remain undimmed.

Love itself is already on the altar! Do not put those you feel compassion for, but see that Compassion itself flows like water from your heart. If we put spiritual practices or trappings on our hearts, we block Spirit. There are no high-sounding words or forms worthy of that Garden Shrine where we walk with the Beloved. We must bring what is within out, rather than taking the crumbling artifacts of the world in.

It is not that anyone is wrong or right. Rather, articulation and language are nets and bounds. Intellectual constructs are walls to be dissolved in mindfulness. By mind, we must journey inward. Beyond even high-sounding words, there is a luminescent stillness and silence. Beyond that, inexpressibly, lies your boundless mystic heart.

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