Initially distributed in 2005, the yearly Renewables Global Status Report is the most extensive and auspicious review of the status, late improvements and patterns in sustainable power source markets, ventures, speculations, and approach advancements around the world. By plan, it doesn't give investigation or figure. Information is given by a system of 700 donors, specialists, and creators from everywhere throughout the world.

On June 1, REN21 distributed the yearly diagram of the condition of the the sustainable power source. The Renewables 2016 Global Status Report uncovers that renewables are presently immovably settled as aggressive, standard wellsprings of vitality in numerous nations around the globe.

REN21's Renewables 2016 Global Status Report presents improvements and patterns through the finish of 2015 and watched patterns from mid-2016 where accessible. This implies quickened activity to decrease ozone harming substance discharges coming from the Paris Climate Agreement in December is not reflected in the outcomes.

While patterns are for the most part positive, the report highlights a few difficulties that stay to be tended to if governments are to satisfy their duties regarding accomplishing a worldwide move far from non-renewable energy sources. These include: accomplishing the powerful incorporation of high shares of renewables into the network; tending to approach and political precariousness, administrative hindrances, and monetary requirements. Advance, there is far less arrangement concentrate on transport and, especially, warming and cooling, so these areas are advancing a great deal more gradually.

2015 was a record year for sustainable power source establishments. Sustainable power producing limit saw its biggest increment ever, with an expected 147 gigawatts (GW) included. Current inexhaustible warmth limit likewise kept on rising, and renewables utilize extended in the vehicle division. The dispersed sustainable power source is progressing quickly to close the crevice between the vitality haves-and those who lack wealth.

2015 was a record year for new establishments, as well as for venture – achieving USD 286 billion worldwide in sustainable power and powers; if interest in expansive hydropower (>50 MW) and in warming and cooling is considered, the aggregate is far higher. With China representing more than 33% of the worldwide aggregate, creating nations outperformed created nations altogether sustainable power source ventures surprisingly.

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of Global Wind Energy Council: "A record 63.5 GW of wind power was introduced worldwide in 2015, exhibiting the development of the part; and demonstrating how renewables are providing aggressive, solid and clean vitality to fuel monetary development and cut CO2 emanations, while in the meantime making new employments, new ventures, and improving vitality security."

With expanded speculation came an expansion in innovative advances, cost diminishments, and occupations. There are presently 8.1 million individuals working in the sustainable power source area – speaking to unfaltering unmistakable difference a glaring difference with discouraged work advertises in the more extensive vitality division.

Christine Lins, Executive Secretary of REN21, stated, "What is really noteworthy about these outcomes is that they were accomplished when petroleum product costs were at memorable lows, and renewables stayed at a huge disservice as far as government endowments. For each dollar spent boosting renewables, about four dollars were spent to keep up our reliance on petroleum products."