Nearly 100 years after the fact, the rip-roarin’ 1920s are having a real moment. From fashion to music to movies, the Jazz Age is back in a big way, making it the perfect theme for a grown-up (but still infinitely fun) holiday shindig.

The 1920s were about recapturing joy, and combining that free-wheeling spirit with the warmth and togetherness of the holidays is a recipe for success. True, the 1920s isn’t exactly going to be a hit theme for a children’s party, but if you’re trying to impress clients, finally have some adult time with your friends, or turn your annual work get-together into something a little more special, then this take on a Hollywood holiday is tailor made.

This theme can be as affordable or expensive as you like. The real magic is in the planning: encourage your guests to wear period clothing (a few images of Gary Cooper, Charlie Chaplin, and Greta Garbo might help them nail the Hollywood aspect), provide some swanky surroundings, and never, ever, forget the music! In many ways, the 1920s are defined by their vibe – plot accordingly, and your party will be just as memorable.