movie theater signs photo: Movie Theater Screenshot-1_4_20105_22_31AM.png

Outside on the marquis

it shines ~
your name in lights!
How I longed to sit inside
absorbed in fantasy
far from the toils of daily life,
the dark dreamscape of the hallowed theatre
delaying my own life for a few short hours.
It was my intent to get lost in the projection,
rapt in the story ~ undistracted
by the twisted paparazzi photos
and the flurry of half-truths, indiscriminate,
that seem to rise to the occasion
of your every new debut.
My ticket
was to be my entry into fantasy
time-captured . . . undisturbed
by door knocks or the ringing phone.
Ten dollars for three hours incognito ~
three hours just for me ~ a godsend!
But no . . . that wouldn't be for me
this time . . .
No!  You thief!
Not because of paparazzi
not because of smut
but because you had to get
POLITICAL!!!  You ass!
And might I add . . . NOT on my side of the fence!
Who needs to know if you're left or right?
You're an icon!  A film star, damn it!
You get rich playing make-believe ~
and I have a drawer full of torn tickets to prove it!
Your campaigning with MY MONEY  . . .

and now you've stolen my rose-colored glasses!