Here at Butlers and Signs, we help business owners find the perfect lifelike statues for their industry-specific decorating and display needs. We provide hundreds of life-sized handcrafted and hand-painted statues made of durable resin or fiberglass to owners of restaurants, pubs and even managers of theme parks, casinos, museums, carnivals, and zoos.

In addition, we also help a large number of individual homeowners and interior designers accessorize private residences with our true-to-life statues and wall displays. If you’re wondering how you can bring lighthearted fun and a unique look to your home and garden, here’s a quick list we’ve compiled to fire up your imagination. We hope to help you create your own wonderland of engaging resin characters sure to delight friends and family.

1) Decorating with statues in the kitchen

Imagine the look on your dinner guests’ faces when they catch sight of your own personal chef. A six-foot-tall chef butler statue made of durable resin on a wood base makes a striking decorative accent in your kitchen. He weighs a hardy 50 pounds, so he won’t topple easily! Perhaps a life-sized wine connoisseur butler is more in keeping with the oenophiles in your inner circle. Stand him next to this trendy wine barrel table and four wine barrel stools to surprise guests at your next wine tasting party. If you’re thinking about making your eat-in kitchen special for the little ones in the family, what could be more delicious for them than this colorful ice cream cone table and four ice cream cone chairs set?

2)Decorating with statues in the family room

Maybe you’ve always loved the look of animal head mounts, but don’t enjoy the idea of hunting. We’ve got a huge selection of exotic and life-like animal head mounts to choose from. Can you envision a wild boar, sable antelope, moose, bear, or white buffalo head displayed over the fireplace in your den or game room? Resin animal heads are an eco-friendly, nature-protecting way to surround yourself with the majesty of wildlife without taking lives. Fancy a bull skull for your Southwestern theme décor?

3) Decorating with statues in the kids’ room

If you’ve got kids, they love dinosaurs, and so do we. Make your child the envy of the neighborhood with this two-foot baby T. rex head wall mount. Or this three-foot Triceratops head. Kids also love pirates, and who could resist a skeleton pirate captain or two-foot-tall pirate clock turning their bedroom into a seafaring adventure?

4) Outdoor statues to decorate your porch or patio

Most of our statues are equally suitable for outdoor display. We suggest you weatherize your item with a sealer to help preserve the bright colors. You’ll want to bring it inside or store it in your garage or shed, however, during harsh winter months. Covering it is also helpful. Choose from our charming selection of carousel horses and magical unicorns, or our newest arrival: this adorable Ryeland planter statue that gives you a detailed resin statue and a plant stand in one piece. This cute creature weighs 70 pounds and measures 39 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 31 inches high. Are your big into barbecuing? Catch the picnic trash in this decorative and functional large hamburger and French fry garbage bin made of fiberglass installed on your deck.

You’re probably guessing we’ve got plenty of ideas for holiday decorations. Place this large, lifelike Santa Claus sitting on his Christmas bench on your front porch to delight the neighbors. Yes – Santa’s eyeglasses are real! This piece is handcrafted from resin and wood. Check out the life-sized standing reindeer for your front lawn, or our Rudolph pulling Santa in his sleigh statue.

5) Decorative statues for your lawn or flower garden

Love the rustic country farm look but live in a suburb? Our barnyard animal statues are your answer. Bring home a realistic large pig statue handcrafted from resin. He’s over five-and-a-half feet long. Our life-sized Holstein cow is made of resin, and her endearing little 15-pound newborn calf is a resin and fiberglass blend. We’ve got a five-foot Galapagos tortoise and a life-sized alpaca, both handmade and hand-painted.

Check out our popular giant male snail prop perfect to make your garden come to life. Take a stroll through our entire selection of lifelike animal statues for more great ideas on how to turn your home’s outdoor environment into a magical place where imagination comes alive.

Remember: You don’t need a special event or theme party to contact Butlers and Signs. We’re a great place to shop when you want to bring some 365-day fun and originality to your home’s interior and exterior décor. So relax, have fun, and look around our site, and please let us know how we can help. There's definitely something here for everyone!

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Happy decorating with statues!