This is a very late post long saved in my page.  Bear with me as I try to rekindle my interest in blogging.

For many years, going back to HongKong had always been in my mind.  It's been more than a decade since my first HK trip and not few attempts were made for a return trip.  Obviously now, those were not the right time for me.

November 22 of last year was our 35th wedding anniversary.  (Yeah, we have aged and gone this far.  ...I feel blessed and grateful!)  Our usual way of celebrating the occasion is to go on a trip together with the big kiddos.  This time, my Hong Kong dream is finally realized.   Best of all, it was a 6d/ 5n vacay not only to Hong Kong but Macau included.
We left for Macau via Cebu Pacific on Thursday, November 19.  We arrived late in the evening, a delay far beyond our actual schedule due to the APEC event happening during the time.  Our room in Sheraton Hotel is just perfect for us. The room has a fantastic view.  We regret not having booked for a longer stay. We love the place!

The view from our hotel room.
Sheraton Hotel Facade.

Venetian Hotel was the first on our Macau tour itinerary.  'Twas the magnificent edifice that captures my sight from our hotel room window..  It's only few blocks away from where we're billeted so we zestfully walked from Sheraton to Venetian.  The hotel/mall complex of Venetian is truly impressive. I'm amazed with its structural design especially on the area where it looks like we are strolling under a clear blue sky. It's where one can take a relaxing gondola ride  in the Venice Canal replica.

The Venetian complex also houses most of the well known high fashion designers and brands.  Unfortunately we had no time for them! .. Or to state it clearer, we had no budget for them.  That's it!  Lol!  Our real target there was the food court area.  There are lots of food outlets but not much difficulty to find what I want. I love most of what I've seen.   I truly love Chinese food, that's why! My first pick was none other than my fave, the Peking Duck and a few more.  Prices of food I would say was a bit expensive if converted to Philippine peso but that's how it is!  Travel and food tripping always come side by side.  After we've filled up, we took a peek of the Casino and daughter tried the slots machine.  I guess she truly enjoyed playing but unluckily,  she won nothing but a piece of paper with a 1$ value to be claimed.   She had fun, anyway! Haha..

At the Venetian Hotel.
My favorite Peking Duck.
Macau Tower was next on our itinerary.   I am acrophobic but I know I can always try climbing up however high a structure is. I've once survived walking on the edge of a 38th floor high in extreme adventure in Cebu. So I know, it would be easier for me this time. Besides, we were only to take a view from the top and not go on a bungee jumping from the 233 meter high tower.  Well, I think, even if I am brave enough to take a jump, I am definitely not that brave enough to spend an arm and a leg for few seconds of thrilling extreme adventure experience.  If my memory serves me right, the cost is almost 2K Macau $.  Just wish I'm rich! Lol!

A pose at the Tower.

Hubby: Watching the view or the viewers?

A peek down under of the Macau Tower.

Gathering all my courage to step on that clear glass flooring.

Macau Tower as mentioned is 233 meter high tower overlooking 360 degree view of Macau vicinity. The view deck has a glass flooring where you can clearly see the roads and visually tiny automobiles down under. On that spot,  I realized, I haven't yet overcome my phobia.  I just couldn't control my terrified emotion.  Ironically though, I still love the experience.

Next on the day's itinerary is the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. Reaching the famous tourist spot wasn't easy for us.  Our guide, (daughter and her husband, as they have already visited the place a number of times before) could not quickly remember the road that leads to the ruins. We trekked the wide and narrow roads of Macau as well as the long hidden alleys in between. Passed by the crowded stores of Chinese delicatessens and stopped by at one that attracts our appetite.  No idea how it is called, but we call it "tusok-tusok".  And the food is really good!  Maybe with the help of "tusok-tusok" goodness, we found our way to the Ruins. Lol!  However, we didn't expect it to be as crowded. Every steps are filled with people.  Fambam didn't want to brushed side by side with the crowd.  I climbed up the many steps up to the overly photographed Macau icon if only to satisfy myself that I finally made it there. Then tried to take a decent photo despite the crowd.  Nonetheless, it was great to witness the famous St. Paul's Ruins of Macau. One impressive historical landmark that ultimately has the actual picture which I only used to imagine.

Fambam amongst the crowd.

Hubby with his yummy "tusok-tusok".

The store where we bought the yummy food. 
Customers patiently wait for their turn.

Every street is crowded.

Every step is filled with people.
My decent shot of the Ruins. Lol!
With that folks, our "One Day Macau Tour" ends.  Next would be the HongKong episode. Thank you for your time.