I'm a pretty boring person, fashion wise. My idea of 'high fashion' is a pair of jeans and a free finisher tee I got from some race I've run. In fact my entire wardrobe doesn't contain anything else. But I have a confession to make.

I've always wanted to own of one those cool looking hoodie sweaters. Yeah, I know it's a weird confession but heck, I've always wanted to look cool and a free finisher tee sometimes doesn't cut it all that much.

But then, being a fashion noob like me, I wouldn't know what to look for in a hoodie that'll make me look cool. So, I did some research on hoodies and discovered that are quite a few different styles of them.

There's the denim hoodie that you can put on for a night out with your buddies, pair it with some dark coloured and you're all set to look a little younger than your actual grand daddy age ... LOL! Put on a hat, a pair of shades and you might even get an extra look or two.


Then there's the pattern printed hoodie. A patterned printed hoodies shows off off a man’s masculine yet trendy character in front of others without putting too much of an effort. With a pattern printed hoodie on, you're set to rule the streets or at least give the impression that you're 'da man'. Top that off with a cap, some bright coloured sneakers and you'll be set for a hip hop look.

But if the pattern printed hoodie is not for you, you'd probably dig the graphic printed hoodie. Now, this is my favourite kind of hoodie. It's an easy going hoodie that's just about right for a lazy day around the park.

You can opt for one of those baggy ones with no buttons or zippers, which is the most comfortable of the lot and just head out the door without too much fuss. The graphic printed hoodie reveals a totally laid back personality, which is right up my alley.

Now, if only I could decide on what graphic to put on my hoodie, I'm all set to start looking cool, or at least I think I'll look cool!