When you promised last year to host the neighborhood’s annual horror film event, you hadn’t counted on the actual horror of what your yard would look like this year. Taking a good look around, you see a brown lawn that used to be green. The bushes are brown. The trees look wilted. Home sweet home looks like Blight Bungalow.

Kicking back and enjoying your family fun night seems a lost dream. You lawn has been under attack — and it’s not from zombies. With your brown lawn, you also have an abundant growth of weeds, so everything is not totally bare. The bugs seem to be thriving. You just want to curl up inside and avoid the disaster zone your yard has become.

Try a new plan. Get some solid information and get things fixed up.

Beat the Zombies and the Creepy Crawlies
Now that your yard could double as a location for a neighborhood event, you want the brown to be green again. The weeds and bugs need to be treated — to a scorched earth policy. Relax. Instead of burning everything, which could be dangerous, find a trusted lawn service to take care of the situation.

You’d like to relax on the weekends. Get over your guilt about not having a green thumb and just be the resourceful hunter-gatherer. Gather the solutions and let the experts deal with your lawn, bushes, and plants. Maybe you’d just like to have some fun with the family while someone else does the literal heavy lifting.

Deal with your demons by:

Saving the Lawn
It’s the base for your yard, so you want to find out what’s ailing the formerly green carpet. Learn the answers through referrals and services. Agronomists and certified specialists can be your resource. Hidden in your yard could be diseases, fungi, and other pests. Let the experts keep the creepy crawlies at bay.

Eliminating Furry and Feathered Critters
Around February 2, everyone thinks those furry creatures, groundhogs, featured in at least one popular movie, are adorable. When they dig up your lawn, you may not be quite so pleased to have them visit — whether they see their shadow or not. And your winged friends may be nesting just outside your bedroom window and you’re not getting any sleep. You hate to ruin their nest, but you’re turning into a zombie. Get an expert to get those creatures to relocate or be gone.

Realizing They’re Called Fire Ants for a Reason
They sting and it burns! Don’t mess with these scary critters. An allergy to the venom could send you to Urgent Care. Not a wonderful leftover to take home from a picnic. Instead, ask an expert to take care of the problem.

Taking Pity on your Trees
Leave no leaves unturned if your trees look scary. Save them because they save you by absorbing as much carbon dioxide as the emissions from a car driven 26,000 miles. Contact an expert to make the difference so your trees find it easy to be green.

Renouncing Weeding
Spending your days bent over weeding is a thankless task since the weeds usually return. The alternatives are dangerous. Which spray can you use so you don’t poison the kids or the dog? Where do you start? How often do you need to spray? It’s scary. Again, call someone and get ready to settle in for the popcorn fest!

When you buy a home, you want a “beautiful frame for life” and an investment that grows with your time and money spent. Don’t wait for the fun, whether it’s a home horror festival or playing softball with the kids in your own backyard. Start the projector and pull up a lawn chair as the zombies arrive onscreen.