Anyone that knows me at all knows about my particular love of nuts. Almonds, pecans, cashews, macadamias, I love them all, chestnuts being an especial favourite.  So when Hotel Chocolat asked me if I’d review two of their Christmas products, one of which was the box called Just One More, which is a box full of nuts enrobed in chocolate, what do you think I said? I said “just one more” as I popped another one of these beauties in my mouth!
Just One More contains a Caramelised Dark Almond, Caramelised Milk Hazelnut, Dark Brazil, Cinnamon- and Hazelnut-Panned Almond or Malt Ball. So two almonds, one covered in dark chocolate, one in milk, Hotel Chocolat’s very own take on a Malteser, if you are a fan of a ball of chocolate that explodes in to a brilliant malt kick, and a Brazil nut coated in rich, dark chocolate. Well, please correct me but if you like both nuts and chocolate, what’s not to love? This box is a must for us choco-nuttophiles!!
The second box they very kindly sent us was what the folk at Hotel Chocolat call their Toasty Toddy box a stocking filler and believe me, I would not be disappointed if I found this in mine this Christmas! Nor would Santa if he found one welcoming him by the chimney but make sure that the kids don’t get to these little beauties first! The box comprises 4 x 4 varieties, Black Cherry Broadside, Winter Punch, Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Martini.

Two of these chocolates are milk, one is dark and one is white. Mulled Wine is a milk chocolate packed full of the quintessential Christmas drink, mulled wine made yet more delicious with a good slug of Hotel Chocolat’s own port. Mince Pie Martini is my idea of a mince pie (!) made as it is with spiced rum and a good splash of vermouth! Winter Punch is that other drink that is a stalwart of Christmas. This one is made with dark chocolate, apple, blood orange, caramel and a good glug of French brandy! Last but not least is the white chocolate Black Cherry Broadside, my personal favourite. Most of you know that I am Jamaican by birth and a great rum lover and this chocolate is made with lashings of St Lucian rum, dark cherry brandy and hazelnut liqueur wrapped up in white chocolate, which normally I’m not a fan of but this chocolate is the exception!

Do yourself a favour! If you are a fan of nuts and you’re a fan of boozy chocolates, make sure you have a box of each of these gorgeous Christmas chocolates in your Christmas stocking or to unwrap under your Christmas🎄!!