What is the ideal temperature for serving beer? Generally speaking, optimal serving temperatures for all drinks vary on the basis of their fermentation processes. Going by the rule book, our advice is that you serve all bottom brews ice-cold and top brews at a relatively moderate temperature. However, you may also go by your personal preference.

Despite varying personal choices, the fact cannot be ignored that temperature does play a role in enhancing the flavour of different drinks. Here’s a guide for you to optimise your investment in beer fridges and enjoy your drinks all the more.

Bulk-Produced Beers and Pale Lagers

These drinks should ideally be stored in your beer fridges to remain chilled, preferably within a temperature range of 0°C - 4°C. You would hardly be able to taste anything stored at the prescribed temperature range, as extreme temperature can numb your sense of taste to quite a certain extent. Furthermore, it is also recommended to serve non-alcoholic beer at a temperature near to the freezing point. So, anything that you would not want to taste at all while drinking is best served ice-cold.

Drinks from Craft Breweries and Ciders

Store these drinks in your beer refrigerators to serve them at an ideal temperature of 4°C - 7°. At the suggested temperature range, they are likely to taste the best. Ciders from craft breweries are advised to be served at a lower temperature than you would serve traditional ciders and hence, these may ideally be drunk straight from the beer fridge. Drinks in this category are perfect to be enjoyed during summer.

Reds, Ambers and Ales

As the ideal temperature for beers moves towards the warmer side of the scale, so does their colour. Ales and beers that incline towards amber and red colouring are to be stored in beer refrigerators at a regulated temperature of 7°C - 11°C. These shouldn’t be served too cold so as to lose out on their essence and neither too warm to taste insipid. Moderate temperature is best to enhance their flavour.

Ales and English Bitters

As the distinction stands true, beers move towards darker shades with the rise in optimal temperature at which these are to be served. Pale and brown ales as well as other opaque beers and English bitters are best served at a temperature of 12°C - 14°C. You may not keep them in beer refrigerators but cellars to be able to enjoy them thoroughly.

Dark Beers

Another set of beers, for which you may ditch beer refrigerators and replace them with cupboards or cellars, includes dark beers such as barley wine and rich or imperial stout. This is particularly due to their distinct taste that corresponds to flavours like honeycomb, chocolate, coffee, etc. Warm temperature, falling within the range of 14°C - 16°C, is ideal to enhance their flavouring and eventually offer a more fulfilling drinking experience.

While you may have your own inclination, we strongly recommend that you give our suggestions a try. Store your drinks in beer refrigerators, cellar or cupboards- as recommended- and we guarantee that your drink will taste much better and more flavoursome!