The alarm goes off at 6:45 am and as I stumbled from bed, BLAM, right into my cedar chest and ooooo the pain. But work won't wait so I hoped it off and off to work I went. I work on the 2nd floor and need to run to downstairs to the main hospital often so after a few trips up and down, I realized the pain was getting worse. For lunch I decided to stop by good old Kaiser and have them take a look at it. And they were great about getting me in to see a nurse and access whether or not a doctor was needed. Beings that it was purple and swollen, the nurse set up an appointment for me this afternoon to have it x-rayed which I just got home from.

The Verdict!!!! (no this is not my X-ray)

I have a small hairline on the back of the bone where it reaches the joint but a radiologist has to evaluate it further. Not much you can do except wrap it to the other baby toes and stay off of it.


And I am grateful I didn't take out my whole foot. It's not my driver foot and soon I'll be good as new!!!