Recently I purchased a domain name at Godaddy, this was a domain that I chose myself, out of my head and it was available. I then proceeded to build a new site with it. I spend several days designing and adding content.

Once the site was finished, I added a few social bookmarks and created three high quality safe links with guest posts via the Postponer Guest posting system. Actually too much domain and hosting company are available online but it is impossible to select which is the best for domain so lets go to know how to select a good domain before buying.

2 links were PA=60 and 1 was DA=84. This is my regular routine for a new site and it works fast for indexing as well as getting some good initial link juice.

I then left the site alone and waited for indexing, as I always do. Usually Google will index my site within 3 days, often within 1 day and because I usually add a lot of content initially, I often see an initial indexing of at least 30 to 50 pages.

3 days went by and ZERO indexed pages.

I waited some more.

1 week went by and ZERO indexed pages.

So I waited some more.

2 weeks went by and still no indexing then I knew something was wrong.

I then checked my traffic logs at my hosting account, and I saw that the Google bot did indeed come by 3 days after I built my site, but DID NOT INDEX A SINGLE PAGE.

At this point I knew the domain was a problem, because it could not be anything else.

So I went over to WHOIS to check it out, and sure enough this domain had a 3 year history with 5 registrars and 3 drops, and it was obvious that there was a penalty on this domain.

The fact is that once a domain is tagged by Google its usually forever.

This never happened before, and while I thoroughly check out aged domains I have bought at Godaddy because I KNOW they are previously owned, it never occurred to me to check a domain I made up in my head, I have bought so many in my online business and this never happened before.

WHAT A PAIN!!!!!!!

I could not get a refund, the deadline had passed, I had to purchase a new domain, and waste more time rebuilding the site all over again.


Check all domains you want to buy at WHOIS, it's free, and they only ask you to register if you are checking a lot of domains at once. They provide a full history of registrars, and drops.

Common sense dictates that if there was a previous owner and its now available it means it was never renewed or bought at auction, which usually means it was problematic and will be forever.

You can also use Way-back Machine to see historical data of a domain that is available there in screen-shot form, can go back years for some sites, so you can see firsthand what was on a particular domain you want to buy.

Either way, this is definitely going to be routine for me from now on!