Guns are the self-defense method of choice of women. Who can blame them? Regardless of her size and state of mind, a woman can use a gun to protect herself and her loved ones from an aggressor. Pat Henry of the Prepper Journal even calls it the great equalizer. And what’s more fascinating is that women are growing to love guns in the same way that men do. And this soon evolves to the whole shebang with a fascination with tactical gear as well.

Aside from the added feeling of preparedness, tactical gear also protects people who are into target shooting as a hobby. For the best protection, you have to choose your gear wisely. There are many articles out there discussing how men can choose the perfect tactical gear for themselves, but how about for women? Although the practical requirements for tactical gear are similar between men and women, there are still points of minor differences. What is it that you must look for in a tactical gear? Below is a guide for you:

Gear for your eyes, ears, head

Gun powder spread everywhere when you’re shooting, and unless you want to irritate and damage those pretty peepers, using ballistic eyewear is still the best option. For best protection, get one that meets the military standards for impact protection (MIL-DTL-43511D clause 3.5.10 for goggles and visors and MIL-PRF31013 clause for spectacles). The same goes for sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses used for shooting.

Ear muffs
Ever noticed that soldiers who have been to war suffer from hearing problems? Although not with the same intensity, frequent exposure to noise at the firing range can be damaging to your hearing as well. Protect yourself by using ear muffs with a rating of at least 22dB, which allows you to still hear communication from the outside while keeping noise at a minimum.

How well your ear muffs would fit with the rest of your headgear is also important.  Likewise, check if the design will allow you to handle your firearm smoothly and comfortably. If you’re the type who likes to listen to music or the news while target shooting, you may want to get ear muffs that come equipped with an apparatus that allows you to connect to an mp3 device and other forms of media.

If, on the other hand, you want to show off your personal style while target shooting, shooting ear muffs with female-friendly designs are also available. Or if you’re a minimalist and dislike the weight of shooting ear muffs, you may opt to use shooting ear plugs instead.

Gear for your body

How a piece of clothing fits a woman can make or break her overall look. This is why tactical apparel that’s specially designed for women is important. It enables you to shoot comfortably without sacrificing style. The women behind 5.11 tactical wear saw this need and decided to launch a clothing line for gun-toting women of all types. They have a patented Flex-tec fabric that gives their clothes just the right amount of stretch to hug a woman’s figure in the best way. You don’t have to get clothing from the exact brand, but you’d want to get one that is flattering to your figure. Forget about picking one up from the men’s section despite the claims that a specific piece of clothing is unisex. You deserve better!

You may be wondering, “do I need a specific bra for tactical shooting?” Oh, yes you do, darling. Shooting requires a lot of movement, and you’d want to protect your twins from all the bouncing. Wearing a tactical sports bra with adequate support also makes your shooting experience more comfortable.

Since you’re gonna be moving around with it, you’d want pants that are breathable even during times of extreme heat. It must also be sturdy enough to resist tearing no matter from which position you choose to shoot. If you like carrying extra ammo, flashlights, and knives, get one that has the right amount of pockets; bonus if it’s designed to make your extras accessible. To prevent your shirt from obstructing your movement, getting pants with an elasticized waistband for tucking your shirt in will come in handy.

Gear for your feet

A good tactical gear set wouldn’t be complete without the right kind of shoes. Any brand will do as long as it has appropriate traction to prevent you from slipping, waterproof lining to protect your feet from getting wet in case you come in contact with a wet surface, and padding to protect your ankles from all that movement.

Getting your own tactical gear may appear expensive, maybe even impractical at first. But good quality equipment changes the way you move and assures you of your safety and comfort. It will definitely take your shooting experience to a whole new level!