Would you need some help with your Netgear Wireless router? There is always a solution to everything, and you should get the best performance out of your new device. You might have followed all the procedures in the manual, but you get stuck at some point when you receive error messages or no response at all. Netgear router is a popular wireless networking device that delivers a stable internet connection. It is useful in transferring documents, sharing files, browsing the internet, printing papers and check emails. The list is endless, and you may be conversant with other uses of the Netgear wireless router over time.

We offer you a user-friendly support in going about your new networking device. The package of a Netgear wireless routers includes a blue Ethernet cable, a wireless router, an installation compact disc, a power adapter, support information card and a warranty card. The Netgear Wireless router can be configured by the Manual setup or the Smart Wizard Installation Assistant Setup. Before you begin the process, you need a consistent internet connection and the information of setting the router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You also need a static or fixed IP address, Domain name server addresses (DNS) and the Host & Domain names. The login credentials are also important, and you need the username and password to access the user interface. You might click here to review of the best wireless routers.

Smart Wizard Installation Assistant Setup Procedure

· You will first begin by inserting the Resource Compact Disc into your computer while awaiting the response. As it loads inside your PC, it recognizes the primary language of the device e.g. English, French, German, etc. Accept the option by clicking ‘yes.'

· Proceed by clicking the ‘Next' button

· You will then launch the Smart Installation Assistant by clicking the ‘Setup' button.

· The next instructions are simple, and you can follow them carefully as the wizard checks your connection to the internet. It will also select your network's level of maximum security and configure the wireless network settings.

Manual setup procedure

· First, open your web browser and type in or in the address bar. Confirm that you have entered the IP address carefully before hitting the ‘enter' button.

· A new tab will appear requiring you to enter your login credentials. Enter your default username and password if you are using the Netgear router for the first time

· After a successful login, a setup utility window will appear on your screen. You can configure anything depending on your preferences.

· After setting up the router, you are free to utilize it in wireless networking.

It is a step by step procedure that can always be followed while setting up your Netgear Wireless Router. You can also contact your Internet Service Provider if you have critical issues regarding your wireless router. For more click the hyperlink https://www.dealsgb.com/15-best-wireless-router-for-2017/.