I was asked to be the host at this year’s CoachArt Gala of Champions event on October 27th at the esteemed Beverly Hilton hotel. The goal is to raise money to help children with chronic illness get ongoing instruction in sports, art, music or whatever endeavor would help them get fulfillment in life.

You can book tickets here (or make a donation if you can’t make the event)

If you happen to live in LA (or in the Bay Area — we’re only an hour’s flight) I would love if you would consider attending as a donation to a great cause. The event is the primary driver of their annual budget and as a side benefit to you, you’ll get to spend the evening with many people from the tech worlds of both LA and the San Francisco.

The event is ostensibly to “honor me” but the truth is that for me it’s really about finding a way to put money into the coffers of a great organization to help them provide for children who could use a little more love, attention, instruction and happiness.

So if it would make you feel even better to honor me, I will be so honored if you attend.

It’s $500 / seat, which I know is a lot but the money goes towards the children and of course you should bring a wingman or wingwoman so you can schmooze in pairs.

You can book tickets here

You can read more about CoachArt here, which has a great short video that describes CoachArt’s mission

You can see more about the actual Gala in the short video embedded below (last year’s event)

CoachArt was established by Zander Lurie, the CEO of Survey Monkey, who co-founded it in honor of his father, Arthur Lurie, who passed away at a young age. Dr. Lurie was a cardiac surgeon who recognized the need for long-term enrichment amongst the pediatric patient population.

You can book tickets here

And if you come, please come hang out with me, meet my lovely wife, help the kids and we can even talk about the last-minute efforts to defeat Donald Trump.

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