Thanksgiving is a day where families get together and give thanks for all the blessings and good times they had shared together in their lives, it is also a day in which we eat a variety of delicious dishes no matter how many calories and how healthy they are, but to balance the situation you have this delicious, nutritious and lovely recipe to share together and give thanks for our loved ones. SWEET BREAD RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 200g raisins 200g candied fruit, nuts 200g, 200g cashews, almonds 200g and 100cc rum. FERMENT: 300g flour 000, 25g honey 25g fresh yeast, water 150cc. DOUGH: fresh yeast 90g, 100cc of milk, 4 eggs, 300g sugar, malt extract 20g, 10g salt, 1 tsp vanilla, flour 700g 0000 200g butter (butter). PROCEDURE STEP BY STEP: FRUITS: Soaking in rum for a few hours and drain, then chop coarsely. For the yeast, mix in a bowl the flour, honey, fresh yeast and warm water. Allow to ferment at room temperature until doubled in volume. FOR THE DOUGH: Dissolve the yeast with half the milk in another bowl mix without beating, along with sugar, malt extract, salt, vanilla and eggs. In a bowl place the flour, yeast (once doubled its volume), yeast dissolved in milk, egg mixture and remaining milk. Knead for 20 minutes. In the last minutes of mixing, add butter to cream point (soft, not melted!) And work until well blended. The dough should be very smooth. Let rest covered with a cloth for 15 minutes. Once the dough rested, degassing, and make a well in the center and pressing his hands taking care not to break it. Place the chopped fruit. Include fruits slowly kneading gently to avoid breaking the gluten. Knead the dough until the fruit is evenly distributed around the bun. Divide dough into rolls as desired size molds, and place in each. Shaping sweet breads pressing his knuckles to bring the dough to the edges well. Allow to ferment until doubled in volume. Brush with beaten egg and bake in moderate oven. Are much larger pieces, lower the oven temperature should be. They meet with a slick and light golden. Once ready you can decorate with icing (beat 2 egg whites lightly and add 300g sifted icing sugar alternately with 2 tablespoons lemon juice) and top with the same fruits that were used for the filling. You can also see our mix and match if you want to have something for your guests while the food is cooking.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING! SINCERYLY NUTS.