Looking to make some easy reindeer cookies for Christmas?  This is the tutorial for you. No baking is required and the kids can help (or even make themselves).  

They are perfect for the whole family and can be enjoyed throughout the holidays.  They are super fun to look at and even better to eat.
Looking to make some easy reindeer cookies for Christmas? This is the tutorial for you. No baking is required and the kids can help to (or even make themselves). They are perfect for the whole family and can be enjoyed throughout the holidays. They are super fun to look at and even better to eat.Christmas baking.  There is nothing quite like it is there.

It doesn’t matter what Christmas party you go to, there are always some adorable little snacks staring at you. Then that thought crosses your mind…..”who has the time to make all these fiddly treats?!”

Whilst you enjoy eating these tiny morsels, you know that you are not ever going to make them.

Despite asking the host for the recipe because you have every intention under the sun that THIS year will be the year that you will be creative at Christmas.

That’s where the beauty of these easy reindeer cookies will work perfectly for you this year because you can turn that intention into the reality.

Reindeer Cookie

Easy School Bake Sale Contribution For The Win

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are, Christmas always appears out of nowhere.  And then it happens….the letter from school asking for your contribution to the end of year bake sale.

I picked up my letter from my daughter’s pre-school this week.  It’s not really a contribution thing, it’s an expectation thing.  You have a child at the preschool…you provide something for the bake sale.

BUT, it also has to be in individual pieces that can be sold for 50 cents each.

Well, as you know I am not a baker.  The mere thought of creating some treats for other people to enjoy stresses me out, let alone being good enough to sell!

These Christmas reindeer cookies are perfect for such an occasion.
Reindeer Cookies

They can be made in minutes and the kids are going to absolutely love eating them.

How good will it feel to see your bake sale contributions disappearing from the tables. That’s exactly what will happen with these little beauties.

Trust me when I say they are easy to make.

6 steps and you are done, plus there is no baking required. Does that cheat for a contribution to a bake sale??? Nah!

The Easiest Reindeer Cookies You Will Find

In fact these reindeer cookies are so easy to make that the kids could help you….or even better they could make them by themselves whilst you catch up on the other hundred and one tasks on your list.

We have all seen those beautifully decorated sugar cookies made from a reindeer cookie cutter.

Yes they are great, but if you are a mom like me who really doesn’t have the time (or the skill) to spend hours in the kitchen, then let me tell you that these cookies are just as good!

Of course, you could also make your own cookies from scratch if you wish, but there is no shame at all in opening a packet of plain biscuits!

However if you really want to make your own sugar cookies, try out this easy recipe.

So here it is.  The making of these super cute reindeer cookies in 6 easy simple steps.

The hardest thing (which isn’t really hard) is melting the chocolate.  But that’s ok, because we also have some tips for you to make sure it turns out perfectly every single time.

How to make reindeer cookies

Christmas Reindeer Cookies

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Serving Size: 1 packet of appox 31 biscuits

Christmas Reindeer Cookies


  • 150g cooking chocolate
  • 1 packet of plain biscuits (oval shape)
  • Tiny Teddies
  • White Chocolate Chips
  • Packet of Strawberry Creams
  • Black or brown edible icing pen


1:Melt the chocolate in a pan. 150g of chocolate covers approximately 1 packet of 31 biscuits.

2: Spread the melted chocolate over the biscuits.

3: Add the Strawberry Creams for the reindeer's nose and press gently into the chocolate.

4: Use 2 tiny teddy biscuits for each Reindeer. Turn them over and use as the antlers, again pressing gently into the chocolate.

5: Add two white chocolate chips for the eyes.

6: In the middle of the white chocolate chips, use the icing pen to leave the reindeer's pupil.



The finished product are these adorable reindeer cookies.  How could you possibly resist eating one!

Reindeer Cookie

So whether you have a bake sale coming up, a Christmas party, or just fancy making something special for the kids, you now have the perfect solution.

Maybe you could even leave one out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Don’t forget to also download your FREE printable magic reindeer food tags.  Taking care of the reindeer’s on Christmas Eve is pretty important!How To Make Christmas Reindeer Cookies

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