Stretch marks, we hate them and trying to avoid them all our life.
They happen because our skin stretches as we gain weight. And of course, pregnancy is a very common time for a woman to get stretch marks.
So how we can prevent them?
Lets start with a drinking a lot of water, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.
The way we eat is important for our skin elasticity. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetable and omega 3s. Avocados, bluberries, strawberries, eggs, nuts and fish are the best.
Next, apply a good oil and cream to your body every day and rub it in circular motions.
Exercise during pregnancy. Yoga and pilates give you an excellent work out.

One of my favorite oils is WELEDA - Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks. 
It smells great, improves the appearance of the skin, absorbs really fast and keeps my skin soft all day. I just love the way it feels. 
I am now 6 months pregnant and still without stretch marks. 
I keep using Weleda Oil 2-4 times a day whenever I feel my skin is stretched. 

Weleda - Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks 

- Helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks by improving skin's elasticity.
- Thanks to Arnica extract helps ease discomfort and tightness of the skin.
- Certified natural and safe for mommy and baby. Made with all natural ingredients.

Regular use of oil helps aid in the prevention of stretch marks on the tummy, thighs, breasts and belly. Use it daily from the beginning of your pregnancy up to 3 months after birth. 

It is also relieving for the itching. I highly recommend it to any expectant mom.


PS: Rub it in circular motions, but remember ... A kneading massage is not recommended during pregnancy!!!