Webmasters and Bloggers believe that the pages after first page of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) are the safest place to hide dead bodies! In most of the cases, after searching a query, users do not care to look beyond the first page. Even in the first page of SERP, the tops 3 ranking posts are the ones that are more likely to get clicked upon by the user. The point I want to prove is that ranking and getting clicked upon in SERP is difficult. Many bloggers tend to remove date of blog publication from SERP in a bid to boost CTR (Click through Rate). Here I will share some tips regarding this topic.

How removing/hiding date of publication can help in SERP standings and CTR?

No one likes to read stuff that is old and outdated. It is in our nature to avoid stuff that is out dated. To an extent, the same thing works in this case. Bloggers are aware that with time, there blog posts will also fall in this category of ‘outdated stuff’. In a SERP, when the old date of publication will be showed in the snippet, visitors may avoid it, looking instead for something more fresh in the SERP.

This can be avoided by removing or hiding the date of publication of the blog post. This is the main motive that motivates bloggers to take this action.

In many cases, this move also has been noticed to bring good results also. This move has resulted in a good continuous and decent CTR in case of some niche blogs of mine. It definitely has helped those old blog posts of mine to face and survive the onslaught of fresher content and blog posts.

When to not make use of this strategy

When it comes to technology related articles, advancements are made each day. A certain ‘how to’ or tutorial published 6 months back won’t be useful after new advancements are made in that field. In case of such articles, it is necessary to show dates. Because, users, looking for solutions will stumble upon stale content that has been well hidden by you (by removing time stamp). This will tarnish your reputation.

Eventually, all content will one day become stale. So, in all those cases, hiding time stamp and deceiving visitors is not fair. In such cases, one can write up a new blog post, the latest one, the one which also covers the latest advancements/methods and mention it in the stale content for the readers to see and check out.

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