During the holidays, we usually eat a variety of delicious and calories rich meals without thinking about the effects it will have to our bodies. Today we bring you this simple method to eliminate the toxins off our body. The toxins are not biological substances which cause disease in humans. They are in the environment, mainly in food. When there is an accumulation of toxins and sometimes the body is not able to eliminate a process of cell damage and organ starts. How do you remove them? Experts recommend at least once a year, perform or we perform a cleansing diet to eliminate all toxins from our body. You know that already maintain a healthy part of living a healthy and balanced diet, based on many vegetables and fruits, which are quintessential food more purified, antioxidant and diuretic.   If you keep such a regime free of sugar and fat, alcohol and caffeine, only for two days, you will have purged almost completely!   Also, remember that it is very important to the function of the liver, which filters the blood and removes toxins as urine, so you can help your function making you infusions of rosemary or chicory.   We also recommend walking 15-30 minutes daily, brisk, so you oxygen’s your brain and clear your lungs with fresh air. It is very important to drink water constantly, bring it everywhere. The recommended amount is 2 liters a day. If you smoke, forget about it! Consume plenty of water or sugarless drinks and do not contain alcohol or caffeine. Your food should be based on vegetables and fruits because they contain few calories and are refreshing. Prepare infusions of chamomile, valerian, lime, lemon verbena, help improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. Consume nonfat yogurt at least three times a week.  Prefers whole grains as they are high in fiber and help detoxify the body much faster. Avoid salt. Do not go to sleep just finished eating your food, wait at least one hour to help digestion. This is why we offer you the Best, our products are:      Sugar-Free      Organic      raw      natural      Gluten Free Food      kosher      Salt-Free     Visit our website for more details of our products and packages that could make your holidays the healthiest. www.sincerelynuts.com