You have finally set your wedding date and the venue has been chosen. The next step is to choose a marriage card design. You can now find a plethora ofwedding invitation shapes, styles and colors to choose from. It is all up to you to pick the one that best complements your special occasion.
Weddings are undoubtedly among most momentous events in every race and religion. It is a once in a lifetime occasion where the bride and groom embark on a new journey in their lives. It is the reason why it is imperative that you let your friends and guests take part in your happiness and joy.
The wedding cards play a crucial role in every wedding and the cards for every religion serve as a reflection of their tradition. When looking for the best Muslim wedding card, it is advisable to pay attention to the religious view as a whole.
Whether you choose to have round wedding cards or heart shaped wedding invitations, there are four fundamental factors you have to consider when looking for Shaadi cards.
When deciding on your personal wedding cards design and royal wedding card designs, make sure you remember the following pointers:
The wedding theme is among the foremost things you have to keep in mind when selecting your Muslim wedding card. As much as possible, you have to try to choose a style and design for your card that blends with the theme of your wedding. Your invitation must also reflect the venue’s theme.
Designs of the wedding card are also among the very essential aspects of Muslim wedding cards. The most in-demand designs are leaves, peacock, domes, feather, and hearts. The Muslim invitation cards act as a representation of the harmony between cultural and aesthetic aspects of a Muslim family. There are also designs which depict Afghan and Mughal art. The designs of Taj Mahal as well as the writing of 786, Allah and image of makka and madina makes the guests experience a traditional Muslim feel. Stone and gem decors also exude a more eye-catching appeal.
It is imperative to be careful in selection of color for your wedding invitation card. For the Muslim invitations, it is a must that the color is a reflection of the religious feel to your guests. In the Muslim tradition, they primarily use red, white, gold, green as well as golden or silver text, which are also in trend. Indigo and dark blue also give off a trendy look. The card’s color will also depend on the season. It is best to use cool and bright color for winter weddings and for those held during summer, dark and warm colors are more preferable.
The style of the Muslim wedding card does matter. There are now a plethora of styles of cards you can choose from, which include personal wedding cards design and royal wedding card designs. Scroll cards are among the best and most commonly used today as it has a royal and traditional feel to it. Remember these factors when choosing your Muslim wedding card.