Laga Handbags | How to Store Handbags

Organizing handbags and creating an interesting design within a home starts with identifying personal goals. By setting up a system for storage without giving up on accessibility and expression, an individual can create an unexpected style statement with their Laga Handbags.

Handbag Basics

Handbags are a popular fashion statement for women. According to the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, roughly 51 percent of women purchase at least one handbag per year and the sales of handbags increased by 10.5 percent in 2013 when compared to the previous year. As women purchase new handbags, they must find storage solutions for their purchases as well as their previous bags.

Simple Storage in a Closet

A simple solution for handbag storage and organization is putting up a hanging rack in a closet. Good Housekeeping suggests using shower hooks in a closet and hanging the handbags directly in the closet. Alternatively, use hooks on the wall of the closet and store the handbags in an organized way.

Hanging up the handbags in a closet is a traditional storage solution, but focusing on organization is a key part of ensuring that the handbags create a positive impression when you open the door of the closet. Arrange the bags according to size, color or any preferred organizational strategy to avoid clashing designs or messy organization.

Make Use of Shelves

Traditionally, bookshelves are located in open spaces and store photos, books or other design items. Fortunately, a handbag collector can make use of bookshelves, closet storage shelves or similar racks to hold handbags and create an interesting appearance.

The key to shelf storage for handbags is the space between each bag. For large bags, provide enough space to avoid unsightly overlap. Smaller bags offer greater organizational solutions, so consider creative solutions. According to Good Housekeeping, a clear magazine file or a similar filing solution offers a simple strategy for small or thin handbags. Alternatively, use clear storage boxes with separated spaces on the shelves to further organize the handbags.

Covering the Walls

Using handbags as a design solution does not necessarily mean placing the bags in a closet or on a shelf. Make the most of open wall space by using attractive hooks and hanging the bags directly on the walls. Leave enough space between each bag to create a statement without hiding the entire wall behind bags.

For smaller handbags or a clutch, consider making an interesting statement by using a hanging wine rack. Select a wine rack with a touch of industrial appeal or a recycled wood appearance. Place the smaller bags in the space for wine bottles. The contrast between the bags and the harsh appearance of the wine rack creates an interesting contrast and provides a conversation piece within a living space. It also organizes the bags and makes it easy to find the right handbag for an outfit when walking out the door.

Use Hanging Baskets

In a small apartment with limited space, handbags can get in the way. A simple solution that clears up space organizes the bags and adds a fun touch to a personal design is hanging baskets. Put the baskets up on a door or attach the baskets to a wall. Store small clutches, purses or bags in the baskets to keep the out of the way and clear up space in a closet.

Storing handbags can seem challenging, but women have multiple options available to improve their design and keep the bags off the floors and out of the way. The key is setting up a system that works with the bag size, design of the bags and the space available in a home or apartment. Visit Laga Handbags to learn more about storage systems or to find the perfect handbag for your collection.