If you have a bag that uses zippers for fastening, then you need to know how to take care of these zippers so that they can last longer and give your better services. Zippers are used for many types of clothes, equipment, and accessories and as such, the general care of these zippers will ensure they can offer you better services regardless of whether they are used in backpacks, sleeping bags, jackets and so on. Regardless of whether your backpack has heavy duty zippers or not, you should never over stuff it. This can exert a lot of stress on the zipper and it will eventually spoil.

Backpack ZipperBackpack Zipper (image from marshvalleylife.com)

Cleaning your zippers is another way you can extend their life. All dirt and grit should be cleaned off the zipper ensures that the zipper teeth will last much longer. This is a common problem in the outdoor industry where your zipper teeth become obstructed due to dirt.  Hiking backpacks should always be cleaned with soapy water. As such, all the types of zipper you buy from us, such as tent zippers at www.zippershipper.com should always be well maintained for them to last longer.