Sometimes you want to put your picture on any object and that object would be in any shape and direction. So I’m going to tell you how you can wrap your picture around any object and it will give realistic look. We would be using Adobe Photoshop CS version as we need Warp command in it.

1. First of all you need some pictures, the main picture around which you want to put your picture, so I’m using this picture as main picture:

2. Now we would be needing 4 pictures to wrap around these buckets. Insert one of those pictures here and then press Ctrl+T and then right click over it and choose Distort:

3. Now put the 4 corners of the picture around the edges of one bucket as shown below:

4. Hit Enter key to finalize this shape. Now run the command Edit >> Transform >> Warp (only in Adobe CS version) and by using the shape handles adjust your picture according to the shape of Bucket as shown below, then hit Enter key:

5. From Layer Panel change the blending mode from Normal to Darken and reduce the opacity of the layer to 90%, you will find this:

6. Now by using same technique adjust the second picture on second bucket:

7. Same technique would be used for the third and fourth buckets, but we have to cut these pictures. Like we have the third picture as:

8. Now hide this layer for a while and pick pen tool and select the Second Bucket which is coming over this bucket, like shown below:

9. Now switch on the Hidden layer and keep selecting that layer, hit Delete key you will get this:

10. Repeat these steps for the fourth bucket and you will get Finally this picture:


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