How’s your spiritual eyesight? Have you checked it lately? Just like our physical eyes change and require correction, the same is true for our spiritual eyes. They require periodic checkups and correction when necessary to ensure we can see clearly and stay focused on what matters.

When I’m at the optometrist’s office for an eye exam, in spite of seeing what my prescription strength is, they always ask me to read the wall chart for them. “What chart?” is my typical response. As far as I can tell, there IS no chart. Correction required!

As a young girl, I remember how lost I would feel at the beach after having taken out my contact lenses. Instantly plunged into my own small, shortsighted world, I could no longer identify any friendly faces in the crowds of people around me. My vision problem kept me from seeing what was important – the faces of my family, the location of our towels and cooler on the beach, etc.
Likewise, a lack of spiritual eyesight can plunge us into our own, shortsighted world. It can cut off our connection with others, keep us from seeing the “big picture”, and cause our focus to become myopic and stilted. Again, correction required!



The “big E” on the spiritual eye chart is the Cross. Hebrews 12:2 says “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…”

We have to do something before we can fix our eyes on Jesus. We have to take them OFF our circumstances. Play “Follow the Leader” with any available preschooler. Those precious little ones know something we grown-ups sometimes forget – to succeed, you have to keep your eyes on the Leader!

If we can only see our circumstances, we can't see the One Who will lead us through them.


2 Corinthians 4:18 tell us to “…fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

How do you see what you can’t see?

Have you ever started considering the purchase of a certain type of vehicle, and suddenly the roads are full of them? Red Camrys abound ubiquitously where they had previously gone unnoticed! Are there suddenly thousands more red Camrys on the road? Probably not – they are just now being noticed because there are red Camrys on the brain.

Seeing the unseen is kind of like seeing a certain type of car everywhere. Our eyes automatically search for what our minds are focused on. If we are constantly focused on negativity, our problems, and what God hasn’t done for us lately, examples of such will undoubtedly abound.

But when our minds are focused on gratitude for our blessings, the knowledge that we are loved, and the understanding that God is at work even in the darkest of times, then our eyes will seek out and find supporting evidence. The unseen Kingdom suddenly becomes more real to us than the tangible world we live in.


I’m sure you’ve noticed it too – everyone looks better to us when we’ve been with Jesus. Even ourselves! When we are focused on Love, we become more loving. We are able to see people as God sees them – past the imperfections to the incredible potential and uniqueness within.
Once we have adjusted our spiritual eyesight, we can joyfully exclaim along with the man who was born blind “One thing I do know. I was blind, but now I see!”(John chapter 9).

With corrected spiritual vision, we can:

1. Focus on what is important
2. See past our present circumstances
3. Recognize God working in and through painful situations
4. See others the way they God sees them
5. See ourselves the way He sees us

I want my sight to be restored that way! Will you join me?

“Heavenly Father, we come to you today needing salve for our eyes. Would You heal them of the tendency to wander, to focus on the base and ugly, and to see others critically? Restore our vision, Lord, and set our eyes on You. Expand our shortsighted focus and help us to see You at work in every situation. Cause our minds and hearts to be anchored in Heaven and for our eyes to follow. Cause us to see others the way You see them, and then transform them and us by your love. Amen.”
With faith, hope, and love –