As an ex coach and the assistant principal I take special interest in our sports program. At today's baseball game I got swept into the fervor of the game and began to argue with the opposing team's coach. He was complaining about the umpire's calls from the beginning of the game and I forgot that we are Ambassadors of Christ and called to act accordingly.

Geez, being raised in Brooklyn in the 60's and the attitude that comes along with it is hard to shake! Both teams played a great game and had a great day playing. We won in extra innings 8 to 7 but I lost the opportunity to take the higher road and back off a bit. While in my mind it's just what we do, we root, cheer, geer, raz and just have a good time but if taken too far it can become something really unwanted and that is long term bad feelings.

Thank God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus! Thank God for the Grace of God to do better next time. See and do! I also blew it yesterday.....I'll share that tomorrow.

Grace and Peace,