scene one:
Inside TA Salon.

[ Kristyn, Hithe, Acer, & Mark
are sitting in the break room
enjoying a Chinese lunch. ]

"So it finally happened."

[ Everyone looks up at Hithe
while Kristyn makes an 'I told
you so face'. ]

MARK: What?  I'm confused.

KRISTYN: He caught H this morn-
ing.  With a new friend.
HITHE: Thank you.  That would
be the best way to put it.

[ Acer cracks, holding back while
Mark looks surprised. ]

MARK: No way. Not at my house.
KRISTYN: Mine either. Not like
that is going to stop them though.
HITHE: Exactly.  And H has been
... active since before he came
to me.  Otherwise things would
be different.

ACER: I didn't know you were
allowed to do that in a group

[ Mark, Kristyn, & Hithe exchange
glances while Acer waits. ]

HITHE: You're not.

scene two:
Near downtown.

[ Pierre & his co-workers are
wrapping up their final day
of construction. ]

PIERRE: Has anyone seen the

RUDY: Really, you expect him to
show up on the last day.  That
man has never cleaned anything
in his life.
PIERRE: You're right.  What was I

RUDY: In fact, you pretty much do
everything around here anyway
when it comes down to it.

[ Pierre takes a seat, pondering
the compliment but not in full
belief. ]

PIERRE: I'm just an assistant man.
Dave finds the projects.  He's
the leader.
RUDY: Anyone can do that and
walk away.  But who makes sure
everyone is where they need to
be with everything they need.

[ Rudy sits down next to him. ]

PIERRE: That would be me.

RUDY: And you don't need Dave
for that.  Hell, you don't really
need anyone.  

My advice.  Go independent.

scene three:
Later inside The Aisles.

[ Kristyn is tidying her area in the
floral department when she sees
a customer lingering near her
work station. ]

"Afternoon.  Is there something
in particular you're looking for?

[ The stranger's clothes are dirty
and torn.

He doesn't speak, just walks away
toward the bathroom. ]

"Manager to floral."

[ Kristyn hangs up her phone &
is shaken when she turns around
to see Syria standing there. ]

SYRIA: Sorry.  Is everything okay?
KRISTYN: Yeah I'm fine.  How are
things going up front?

SYRIA: Busy busy.  

[ Hahn arrives & Syria leaves.  He
smiles at Kristyn. ]

HAHN: How can I help you?

KRISTYN: You see that guy stand-
ing by the far right doors?

[ Hahn quickly looks & nods. ]

KRISTYN: Keep an eye on him.

scene four:
At Pierre & Sascha's.

[ Pierre is taking advantage of
some alone time.

Stretched out on the couch with 
his laptop, he does a search for
independant contractors. ]

"I could do this."

[ He starts to think to himself.
Satisfied for now, he lays down
excited to tell someone the news. ]

[ Much later, Sascha arrives home.
Seeing Pierre sound asleep on the
couch, she grabs a feather from
a living room table and walks over.

Lightly she tickles his nose with
it until he wakes up. ]

"Hey. I'm glad you're home."

[ Pierre sits up right away. ]

PIERRE: I got something very impor-
tant to tell you.

[ Sascha looks a little concerned,
sitting closer to him. ]

PIERRE: I decided I'm no longer
working with Dave.  Today was
my last day.

scene five:

[ End of shift, Kristyn is waiting to
leave when Mairya enters the

She is shocked to see the same
guy from earlier, slightly more
clean & trailing after her daugh-
ter.  Not thinking she charges
over to them. ]

"What is going here?"

[ Kristyn looks over to see a cus-
tomer staring at her. ]

"Excuse me."

[ She hustles Mairya off to the
side. ]

MAIRYA: Good job Mom.

KRISTYN: This isn't a joke. We
just got finished talking about
your behavior.
MAIRYA: Yeah.  You told me
you just wanted to be inform
-ed.  So here he is.

[ Kristyn stands in silence as
Mairya bring over her new
friend. ]

KRISTYN: Nice to meet you.

Does he need a ride home?

[ She hints to her daughter but
it goes lost with her agenda. ]

MAIRYA: Yeah.  About that.

scene six: 

"You don't think I can do this."

SASCHA: No I just didn't expect
it.  You've been working with him
for so long.  And this is going to
take a lot of work.

PIERRE: I know but I was talking
to Rudy and he got me really
SASCHA: Rudy huh, what does
he know about it?

PIERRE: Don't worry, I did my rea-
search and I'm going to find out

Trust me.  This is a good idea.

[ Sascha stays silent. ]

PIERRE: Better pay. Better opportuni
-ties for us and our future.

 I can see it now.

[ He sits back. Taking a swig off
his can of brew, then kisses Sascha
firmly on the lips. ]