Since I haven't posted for over a year and a half, I thought I'd start with an uplifting topic today.  How about those winged creatures known as angels?

Ah, I must surely have died, and be passing through a second life, and now knocking on the pearly gates of Heaven. I'm just thinking about my writing career over the past xx years and thinking that I never dreamt I'd be seeing angels.

On the platform of Squidoo, there are lots and lots of Squid Angels who are tasked with blessing [that's a thumbs up] or dinging [thumbs down] Squidoo lenses.  In my previous two roles as a Squid Angel, I described myself as a 'hoverer.' It also comes from my Marketing background and strong need for analytical research. You see, I don't like to jump to any conclusions but require lots of data and lots of research."

squid angel blessings to you by jaguarjulie
Squid Angel : Blessings to YOU!

On my angel lens, Squid Angel : Blessings to YOU!, I also describe some other types of Squid Angels you might expect to see.  "There are some Squid Angels who will announce their visits and their blessings."   Those are BUGLERS, "but not usually the norm!"  I honestly prefer the traditional classification of angels, known as more humble beings, "marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit; not arrogant or prideful."

Now, don't you feel a little better today in that we discussed a light and airy topic?  Nothing overly heavy; something angelic with wings!

By the way ... speaking of angels and heavenly things ... may I present to you some lovely Willow Tree Angels that you might want to purchase?  I actually have the Happiness angel which sits on my kitchen counter smiling back at me each and every day.  I probably should move it to my office so that I can feel the Happiness there!  I love how evocatively this little angel stands, with her head to the heavens, and how secure the little bluebirds feel to perch on her outstretched arms. Fabulous!

copyright jaguarjulie willow tree angel with bluebirds
Blessings to YOU!