The vaporetti chugged along at a snail's pace (whatever that is).  We rounded the port where the cruise ships were docked - and I scorned the passengers disembarking.  They were going to get to see everything before me at the rate we were going!

I ogled the tiny tourists across the water's expanse as the taxi stopped at every... single... possible... stop.  The fingers clutching the metallic ledge in front of me turned strange colors as my grip became more and more ferocious.

 A transit stop

I wanted to swim across so badly!
Good thing I have superior impulse control.

And like all things in life, that vaporetti cruise came to an end.  Just as I was beginning to appreciate the journey, along with anticipating the destination.


We arrived in Venice from the sea.  How very appropriate, after all.

The Doge's Palace

When I stopped to listen - and heard the babble of so many tongues - and when I stopped to feel - and sensed sea and salt and sun - I was in Venice!  When I opened my eyes, and perceived palace and tower and square, I knew I had truly arrived.

It was well worth the wait.

I felt like screaming, "I'm here!  I made it!  I'm finally in Venice!"

But I didn't.

(I think my sister was especially grateful for that famous impulse control...)