The fiber is present in a number of foods, such as oats, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables, making it a completely natural energy source. It is advised to consume 30 to 35 grams a day, which not often reached. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and other products made from whole grains have good amount of fiber, a more complex element essential for our body, because its consumption helps prevent simple problems, such as constipation, and others such as cancer colon. Any preventive plan against colon cancer tries to raise awareness of the importance of food for our bodies, causing us to add to a balanced diet where saturated fat consumption is minimized. These recommendations are compounded by the need to increase fiber intake. Currently the fast pace of life we ​​lead keeps us from taking the time to feed properly. However, granola, in any of its forms, whether homemade, packed or bar, is a great choice for rich and healthy eating, as it combines different cereals, such as oats and other whole grains. In many cases, granola has dried fruits, molasses, nuts and honey, which acts as an adhesive. All of these ingredients make the granola an excellent source of fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is also of great help to have the strength to carry out everyday activities such as study, work or exercise because it is rich in calories and provides energy. It is recommended for both breakfast and afternoon At SincerelyNuts you can find different varieties of Granola, Dried fruit, Healthy Snacks and Nuts online at SincerelyNuts.  They have them in different flavors and combinations.